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Default Re: Galaxy Sprites!

Originally Posted by Ragon 00 View Post
Hey Pokespriter. These are pretty good sprites.
Could I get a trainer card and pixelover?
Pixel Overs
Species: Lucario
Picture: with these colors:

PKM Trainer Card
Background Image (Please supply the link): Use the Darkrai one please.
Trainer Image (Supply link):
PMK 1 (M/F Shiny?): Tyranitar (M/No)
PMK 2 (M/F Shiny?): Mewtwo (None/Yes)
PMK 3 (M/F Shiny?): Lucario (M/Yes)
PMK 4 (M/F Shiny?): Rhyperior (M/Yes
PMK 5 (M/F Shiny?): Salamence (F/No)
PMK 6 (M/F Shiny?): Darkrai (None/No)
Name (Please keep short, limited space): Ragon
Region/Badges: Sinnoh/8

Please and thanks in advance!
I don't think I'm goign to do anymore pixel overs but I can do the card.

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