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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Chapter 7: A new kind of training

I faced Codan across the arena. My eyes blazed with a new ferocity that I’d never felt before. Codan stared back with a determined expression on his face. Jarre and Lani stood on the sidelines, watching with interest. Jarre began to jump up and down.

“Go Zanna! Wipe him clean!” I turned to him with a smile on my face.

“Jarre! You made me lose my concentration!”

His cheeks turned red and Lani let off a small laugh. “Oh, sorry.”

I put my paws on my hips and giggled. Codan cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow. “Whoops…” I readied my stance again and focused on Codan.

“This will be a one-on-one match only,” Codan said loudly, making sure his voice carried across the arena. “I’ve seen some of your skills, Zanna, but I’d like to see more.” He put a paw forward and whipped the air with his tail. “Let’s see what you’ve got! If you can hit me, I’ll give you proper training.”

I dashed forward to the white line. “Oh, yeah? You’ll see what I’ve got--and much more!” My voice rang with confidence that should have unnerved Codan, but he merely smiled.

“We’ll see.”

Lani stepped up to ref the battle. Jarre was keeping a close eye on me and though he smiled when I looked at him, his eyes showed concern. What for?

Lani stomped a paw on the ground. “Codan vs. Zanna. First hit to Codan and Zanna wins.,” She turned her head towards me. “Good luck challenger. Let the match begin!”

I focused all of my strength on Codan. At first, all we did was stare at each other, trying to psych each other out. My gaze was wavering, and Codan knew it. A small smile twitched from the sides of his mouth. I gritted my teeth and scowled, but Codan’s eyes danced like fire. He was toying with me! I felt the anger boil from within. Who did he think I was? I’m no play-thing! I’ll show him what happens when pokemon get serious! I dashed onto the arena aiming straight for Codan, but he was ready. He dodged lightly to the left and gave me a friendly whip with his tail.

“Rule number one, Zanna: Don’t let your opponent psych you out. Remember, friend or foe, on the battlefield, it’s all business!”

I growled and struck out again and again, but he dodged my moves as if I was a harmless Caterpie. I marvelled at how fast he was. As long as he kept that up, I’d never be able to hit him. I was running out of ideas and fast. As I was thinking, Jarre’s voice drifted from the sidelines.

“Don’t give up, Zanna! Look for a weakness!”

I stood up and looked at him. Jarre was right, I needed to find Codan’s weak spot. But what could I do against such a powerful Dragonite? Just then, I remembered what Jarre had told me in the Hospital Wing.

“Each Pokemon has a different type, and so do their moves. It’s like nature. You know, fire burns grass and water puts out fire. That’s how your thunder attack hurt the Aggron so much.”

I nodded. “Because steel conducts electricity, right?”

“Right,” Jarre smiled. “And you’re a Pikachu, an electric Pokemon. The steel acted like a huge magnet, drawing the electricity.”

“How many others types are there?” I asked him excitedly.

Jarre lifted his head higher. “Many. About seventeen different types. But some Pokemon can be a combination of two.”

I gasped. “Wow! So they can be even stronger!”

Jarre’s face furrowed in thought. “Yes, but it also means they can have more weaknesses.”

I nodded solemnly. “I guess so.”

That’s it! Pokemon types could beat Codan! Now, what did Jarre say he was?

“Take Codan, for example. He’s part flying, part dragon.”

Hmmm…So I could get him with ice, dragon, rock or electric attacks. I couldn’t use ice, dragon or rock attacks, but my electric attacks could work! Codan was watching me intently from where he was standing. I lowered myself back down on all paws. Time to try a new tactic! I dashed towards him again, but this time, I had no intention of hitting him physically. Codan quickly dodged to the left again, but I kept running. I quickly turned and pushed off from the ground, leaping towards Codan in the air. I readied my electricity; my fur prickled and my sockets began to feel heavy. I let out a cry and white hot sparks flew from my body towards Codan. The Dragonite saw this and dodged my attack again, disappearing briefly. I landed with a shocked expression on my face. “But how!?”

“I’ve had years of training, Zanna,” He lifted his paws and a smile flitted across his face. “I can move faster than the speed of light!”

I clenched a paw. “No way! That’s not possible!” I gritted my teeth.

Codan flew into the air. “Perhaps another demonstration?”

I growled and launched more thunderbolts towards him. Codan dodged them again and again, nothing more than a faint image to show where he was. “I…I can’t keep this up…” My ears drooped as I felt my energy draining. Codan re-appeared and landed lightly.

“Lesson two: What use is strength, if you can’t hit your opponent?”

I looked at the ground and glared. My attacks would do nothing as long as he kept that up, and I couldn’t fill the whole arena with electricity--I wasn’t strong enough. There had to be another way. There wasn’t anything around that could help; the arena was completely bare. I shifted my gaze to the ceiling. Jagged rocks hung down, almost like stalactites. That was it! Rocks were effective against flying types. If I couldn’t use a rock move, I’d make a temporary one! Now, how to get them down. But I didn’t have time to think. At that moment, Codan lunged forward and sent out an electrifying ball of energy. I barely dodged it in time. I looked down at my grazed fur. “What was that!?”

Codan roared again. “Arrghhh!”

I stepped back clumsily and tripped on a stone. I landed on my back in the dirt. Puffs of smoke rose around me, obscuring my gaze for a moment. I blinked and realised I was smiling. That’s how I’d get Codan! I got up wearily and began to focus. You can’t hit someone who’s faster than you, or if you can’t see them!

I relaxed my body, letting time flow slower. Using this technique meant I could use agility! I began to race around the arena, moving almost as fast as Codan. With every passing second, I got faster and more dust swarmed around me. After a while I lost sight of Codan through the hazy dirt and fog. Out of the corner of my eye, a whirlwind brushed through the dirt, hurtling towards me. I clenched my teeth and strained my body to move faster. The whirlwind crashed past as I turned the corner. I sighed, letting out all of my insecurities onto the battlefield. At the moment, I was focused on my goal. Codan was struggling to clear the air--I was moving too fast now for his wings to handle it. I smiled as I changed my course.

Cutting through the center of the arena, I leaped up as high as I could towards the ceiling. I opened my mouth slightly as the air brushed past my face. “Speed tackle!” Before anyone knew what had happened, I was racing along the ceiling, slamming into the rocks, one-by-one. Soon the roof cleared--the jagged rocks falling to the arena below. I clung tightly to a few holes, willing myself not to fall as a huge quake surged through the walls. My eyes darted back and forth, searching frantically for any sign of the Dragonite, but it was nearly impossible to see through the foggy cloud. A movement from the center or the arena caught my attention. I stared closely, expecting to see Codan, but instead another energy ball blasted through the rubble.

I cried out--All my muscles were too tense to move along the ceiling again. But my instinct prevailed. I kicked off from the ceiling towards the energy ball. I know I should’ve been scared, but I wasn’t. It was as if, somehow, I knew what I was doing. As I collided with the energy ball, a strange thing happened. A thousand different shards of Codan’s memories rang through my mind.

Him playing as a little Dratini, the first day he got his rescue badge. But out of the darkness, another figure approached. Codan was screaming. The figure retaliated by whacking a limb into the side of his jaw. Codan shouted harsh words as he kneeled, tears pouring from his face. It wasn’t the Codan I knew. This one was more fragile and filled with sorrow. Then I saw why he was like that. On the ground in front of him lay a body. It’s figure was close to Codan’s reaching out with a paw. The words were blurred, but they were in anguish. The dark figure clearly had no mercy. It growled and grasped the body lying next to Codan. He shouted angrily, fighting back his tears, but still they came. He roared and launched a beam of light at the darkness, but just as the beam reached it, the figure disappeared, leaving only a motionless body in it’s place. Codan crawled to the body, laying a paw on the scarred fur, then he reared back and roared towards the sky, letting it absorb his pain and sorrow.

As quick as it had come, the images disappeared and I burst through the energy ball, but I didn’t have the strength anymore. Seeing the suffering figure left my body weak and quivering. I stared helplessly into Codan’s eyes with a new feeling wrenched upon me. He sensed something was wrong. My eyes fluttered as Codan caught me in his paws. When he spoke, his voice seemed to come from afar.

“Zanna? Are you alright?” Worried faces surrounded me, all voicing their concern.

“I just need to lie down for a bit.” I muttered slowly.


My head was aching with thoughts about Codan’s memory. The room was completely silent; not even the wind rustled through the windows. I sighed and looked at the ground. “Is it possible to see someone’s memories through an attack?”

Jarre and Lani kept deathly silent as I waited for Codan to answer. He seemed rather reluctant and fidgety. Was he worried about what I saw?

“There have been rumors,” He replied hesitantly, “That an attack may hold the very feelings and memories of the Pokemon using it. Whether it’s true or not, I think you just found out.” He stopped abruptly and lowered his head.

It felt uncomfortable to speak of his memories like this, out in the open. As if on cue, Lani rose and began to pad away silently.

“I’m just going to check on Balian and his new apprentice.” She called back.
Jarre eyed her carefully. Lani coughed and stole a glance at him. He jumped up as he realised what she meant.

“Uh, I’m going to go supervise.”

Jarre had to run to keep up with her, as she walked down a flower filled hall. With Jarre and Lani gone, I turned my attention back to Codan. He seemed rather distressed.
“I can’t help what I saw,” I said gently. “I know that doesn’t make it right, but--” I was cut off by a small laugh from Codan.

“It isn’t your fault for what you saw. But memories can be disturbing things,” He stopped and clicked his claws together before continuing. “But I must know, Zanna. What did you see?”

His voice was urgent and held a hint of fear. But why would he fear me? Or was it the memory that brought the discomfort? I was reluctant to answer. The memory seemed to be very important to Codan, but I couldn’t keep it secret--it didn’t belong to me. Codan’s voice came again.

“Zanna?” I looked into his eyes and saw them wavering, waiting for an answer. But at the moment, there was only one thing I wanted to know; the only word I had heard clearly. I twitched uncomfortably as I told my question.


“Yes, Zanna?”

“Who’s Reyna?”

Codan’s face fell into a worried expression and immediately turned pale. Clearly, this wasn’t what he had expected.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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