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Default Re: The D/P AR Code Listings Thread

Steal other trainers pokemon
9223b5fa 00002101
1223b5fa 00002100
D2000000 00000000
just enter a battle and throw a ball at the pokemon
This was back somewhere in the thread but I didn't feel like looking
Ok when go into the battle and you defeat the first pokemon and you try to catch the next pokemon this happens:
example: I'm fighting cythia and she seens out spiritbomb. I knock out spiritbomb and she seens out milotic. I catch it using the code and it will say congrats you just caught sipirtbomb when actuall you caught milotic. Do not worry about this, the game just gets confused and does not know what to say. Its perfectly normal if it does that (well it's not normal, but you know what I mean).

EDIT:Here is a link that you can post GK for pokesav
and here is a good tutorial pkesavtutorial
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