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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Yuna
Game: Final Fantasy X-2
How to unlock:

1. Unlock Auron.
2. Win 300 Wi-Fi matches with one character.


Regular: Gun/Brotherhood/Chakrams

Up B: Fires upward.
Down B: Changes Job class from Gunner to Warrior/from Warrior to Thief/ from Thief to Gunner.
Left/Right B: Potshot/Flametoungue/Mug
C Stick Up: Enchanted Ammo/Soul Swipe/Thunder Blade upward
C Stick Down: Scatterburst/Steal Will/Ice brand downward
C Stick Right/Left: Cheap Shot/Borrowed Time/Liquid Steel either direction.
Final Smash: Trigger Happy Lv 3: Target is repeatedly shot for a short period of time (9-10 seconds)/Master Thief: Repeatably slices with the chakrams, as will as stealing any item the target is using/Excalibur: Inflicts serious damage to the target, leaving them stationary afterwards.

Taunt: Giggles/Swipes Brotherhood/Twirls Chakrams

Stage: Mt. Gagazet

Stage Theme: Tidus's Theme

Colors: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

~O-suchin the Orange~

Made By: Wisp

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