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Default Re: djax94 VS Aelitaluver30 VS Darkrai_Of_Darkness VS Bobtail - Normal Smart

Eevee use Tackle! +4
Crowd looks on

Butterfree use Sleep Powder! Combo! +2
Eevee is startled, -3
Crowd cheer, +1 [CL=4]

Torterra use Leech Seed! +2
Butterfree and Eevee are startled!
Crowd does the wave! +5 [CL=0]

Gengar use Dream Eater! Combo! +4
Torterra, Butterfree and Eevee are Startled|!
Crowd cheer, +1 [CL=1]

Third turn order:
1st Torterra [80 PTS]
2nd Gengar [70 PTS]
3rd Eevee [30 PTS]
4th Butterfree [20 PTS]
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