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Default Re: Pokemon Linked - MMORPG

Wow, long time no post :(:)? Anyway heres the news:

I have a new STAFF MEMBER :D. He codes, and we are currently working on battle system and pokedex. We are actually programming in all 493 pokemon for future, to save us a little time and do it all now. 4900 lines of code for just a tiny bit of the pokedex ;), and hundreds added every day.

So much progress that it is massively understated. I have spent days (with credit for a friend) of constant coding. I think that in 2 weeks or so, it will be a completely different game.

I am also going to add a storm of NPC's to talk to to make the game more populated and friendly, as well as Battle And Pokedex coming soon, so you can battle a few NPC's.

Next after all that I will progress on shops and get most of the items ;).

This could and will probably take a month flat out, but I think a version half-way through may sneek out ;).

Also progress on the Map Maker so you guys can make some maps is massive, but not fully completed.

Very happy at the moment guys, I hope it rubs onto you. If only you could see the game.
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