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Default Doom's Origin: A LRH Sisterfic

Doom’s Origin


This is a OS fic depicting how Doom came to be as he is. It's a sister fic to Long Road Home, so if you haven't read that, you really won't get this.


The morning sun was shining through the leaves of the trees as a Houndoom lay in the soft, cool grass, watching four Houndour pups tumbling about as they played. She grinned a little as she gave a yawn, then licked her lips and stood.

“You little rascals, let’s go to the beach and see if we can find something for your father when he returns from hunting. He likes the Krabby, when they can be found.”

“Yay!” the little pups cried happily, leaping to their paws and prancing around their mother. “We’re going to the beach to look for Krabby!” They then started to run towards the beach, pouncing each other and causing a slight ruckus as each tried to be the first to get to their destination.

“Calm down, you scamps, and let me get in front now. And be quiet or you’ll chase them all away,” their mother called as she loped after them, easily taking the lead as her litter fell silent.


On the very beach the Houndoom and her youngsters were heading to, three people were sitting by a large rock. They were all wearing camouflage clothing and had various weapons and items attached to every part of their body.

These men were poachers, and they had just arrived at Sharriad Island. Two of them were older men in their late fourties, with long, black hair pulled into ponytails and piercing gray eyes. They had the same powerful build of a bodybuilder and the same cold, uncaring expressions on their faces. They were twins, but the only things they shared were their looks and their professions. The third man was much younger, barely in his twenties. His blonde hair was cropped close to his neck and didn’t even come to his ears. His eyes were a sort of brownish amber, and he looked like he belonged more in a lab than here hunting Pokemon. He was lanky and while he wasn’t very handsome, he wasn’t bad-looking either. His looks were average, you could say.

The men were sitting, talking in low tones as they readied weapons and nets, smoke bombs, and other such poaching items. The two older men had Magnums out while the younger man had a rifle. Each of the three also sported cross bows, shotguns, tranquilizer guns, revolvers, pistols, and ammo for each. Spread before them was a large net that could be electrified to prevent Pokemon from chewing or clawing through the roping, a small rocket launcher with smoke rounds to subdue the more feisty prey, and a large pile of PokeBalls that could be programmed to remain with the catcher, even if they already had six Pokemon with them.

“This island is full of rare and powerful Pokemon,” the younger man was saying as he set his rifle down. “It’s restricted to people, but there isn’t any sort of security to insure people don’t come. Not that it’s needed in most cases, as the island is pretty hard to find and surrounded by bluffs on all sides. The only way to get on is to be washed up or flown in, because the tides around the beaches are too rough to allow a boat close enough for people to travel that way.”

“What does it matter? We’re here, aren’t we? Let’s just get what we came for and get out of here. We don’t have all day,” the older of the two twins said in a rough, emotionless voice. His gray eyes glittered with impatience. “This island is big, right? Then we don’t have time to waste with talking.” He and his twin stood as the younger man sighed and gathered up the items lying on the sand.

“Hey! Hold up!” he cried as the other two began to walk off.


“Here’s one!” called one of the pups, Adume. He was the youngest of the litter, but he wasn’t a runt in the least. In fact, he was almost as big as his sister Eris, the oldest of the pups.

Now he stood by a Krabby of good size. It clicked its pinchers angrily at him as he batted at it and gave a throaty “Kukii!” when he managed to knock it onto its back with a deft flip of his snout. His mother came over and smiled at him.

“Good job Adume. This one is a very good size.” She took a deep breath and then let loose a Flamethrower on the Krabby. As the flames subsided and the Krabby ceased its furious attempts to right itself, the other Houndour came over, looking at their mother in awe.

“Mama…when can we use the Big Fire?” Adume asked, his eyes twinkling. His mother laughed.

“Not for a while, little ones. You are much too young to use any fire. Give it time and soon you’ll be blowing flames just like your father.”

The little Houndour gave soft sighs as this thought filled their young minds. Their father was more prone to use a Fire Blast than a Flamethrower, and every time he did in front of his young ones it made them gasp in adoration and glee. “Now then, let’s take these back and wait on your father.” She picked up the fried Krabby in her jaws as the Houndour pups ran to retrieve the other ones. After they had rejoined her, the family began to head back into the forest.

Before they could get more than a few paces, though, a loud roar from down the beach sounded and a powerful beam of cold, blue ice hit the ground before them, kicking up a cloud of sand and causing chaos among the pups.


“We’ll be able to catch a lot of rare Pokemon quiet quickly,” the young poacher was saying, rattling on about how large the island was and about all the different kinds of Pokemon that were to be found. The others seemed to be ignoring him as they walked.

This went on for about fifteen minutes, with the younger man finally falling silent after he realized his comrades weren’t paying him any attention. It was just about when he was getting ready to suggest they head into the forest when the three of them saw the Houndoom and Houndour following it in the distance. They were each carrying something in their mouths.

“What luck. We didn’t have to search at all,” the older of the two twins said as he pulled a PokeBall from a hidden pocket, being the only one of the three to have a Pokemon. He gave it a toss and it popped open with a bright flare of white light. The light then took form and faded to reveal a large blue Dragon with red wings and spiked frills on either side of its fearsome head. This was a Salamence, and it was a particularly vicious one when it came to fighting. “Salamence, use an Ice Beam to freeze those things in
their tracks!”

The large Dragon gave a blood-chilling roar and opened its jaws wide, letting loose a powerful beam of ice at the family.


“MAMA!” the Houndour cried in panic as sand billowed around them, the Krabby forgotten in their fear. “MAMA!!”

“Eris, take your siblings and get to the forest now! Quickly!”
As the sand settled, a large patch of beach lie frozen and glittering in the morning sunlight. The Houndoom growled as she turned to see three humans and a large blue Pokemon in the distance. They were approaching quickly. She looked back to where her pups were huddled together, whining and whimpering in fear. Their ears were pressed against their skulls as they trembled, staring in wide-eyed terror at the huge Salamence as it suddenly took to the air, only to slam down seconds later in front of their mother.

“RUN!” she screamed at her pups as the Salamence roared shrilly. Then she leapt forward, a Flamethrower exploding from her orange muzzle as she extended her claws, slashing at the Salamence’s face. A few moments later the voices of the humans could be heard.

“Salamence, don’t let those little uns get away!” one of the older men shouted, and the Dragon nodded. It used a wing to knock the Houndoom away, then turned to the little Houndour cowering in the sand. It opened its jaws, readying another Ice Beam attack. Just as it fired it, though, the Houndoom got to her paws and lunged, taking the full blow of the attack. She let loose a cry as she hit the ground, writhing from the utter cold of the Ice Beam. Her pups let loose terrified howls as the Salamence readied another attack.

“Get away from them!”

Suddenly a huge, powerful Houndoom came charging from the trees, howling in fury as he leapt over the frightened Houndour.
“Papa!” Eris cried out, and the others whimpered softly as the strong Pokemon gave his mate a sift nudge with his nose.

“Jiuo, are you okay?” he asked softly. She smiled a bit and nodded, then managed to stand.

“I am fine, Holith. This thing attacked us! I think it belongs to the humans.” She growled at the Salamence as it watched the two Houndoom, not seeming worried at all. Holith nodded.

“When I was once a tamed Pokemon, my Trainer spoke of humans called poachers. They kill and catch wild Pokemon to sell and for money,” he said. The Salamence gave a low grumble.

“Heh, if you mutts are done talking, I’ve got a job to do. If I can get you all caught, I’ll get rewarded very nicely,” it said in a deep,
masculine voice. Jiuo snarled.

“You will get nothing!” she howled in a rage as she and Holith leapt forward, spewing great spurts of fire at the Salamence. Adume and the others sat, comforted by the arrival of their father despite the fact that they were still a bit scared.

It was only about five minutes into the battle when the Salamence began to become very irritated. He gave a bellow as he attacked again and again, each attack becoming just a bit more reckless and a bit more powerful. Again and again he missed as he lost focus and the Houndoom dodged his attacks while landing ones of their own. His Trainer quickly realized what was happening and called out.

“Okay Salamence, that’s enough! Stop attacking!” he called, but the Dragon didn’t listen. He was too lost in his battle rage to hear his Trainer’s commands. With an angry shriek, he slammed his tail into the ground and began to charge his most devastating attack.
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