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Default Re: Doom's Origin: A LRH Sisterfic

“Hey, your Pokemon’s nuts! Recall that thing before it does something stupid!” the younger man cried in anger. The
Salamence’s Trainer whirled on him and knocked him flat with a punch to the chin.

“You shut your mouth, Josh! Don’t tell me what to do! So what if those things aren’t alive when it's said and done? We can sell their pelts or something,” he said in a fearsome voice. Josh stared wide-eyed at him as a trickle of blood ran down his chin. After a moment, the older man turned from him and Josh stood shakily, rubbing his aching chin and watching as the Salamence fired its Hyper Beam.


Eris and the others could tell their parents needed help when the
big blue Dragon opened its mouth and started to charge a bright ball of fiery orange energy behind its fangs. They had leapt forward, howling loudly as fear was replaced by all Pokemon’s natural instinct to fight.

As the family flew through the air at the Salamence, the Hyper Beam fired…


A huge explosion rocked the beach and sand billowed everywhere. The three poachers hurried forward to see the aftermath of the destructive Hyper Beam. They stopped about three feet away and waited as the sand slowly settled. They could hear a low sort of grunting noise coming from the thick, swirling cloud of sand and also a few whines.

Slowly, the sand floated back to earth and settled. The scene that greeted the poachers was one that was, to say the least, shocking.

The two Houndoom had their jaws clamped around the Salamence’s throat. They had been hit head-on by the Hyper Beam just as they had closed their fangs around the Dragon’s throat. Now they were still hanging on, jaws locked, even though it was clear they were dead. Three of the Houndour were also dead, having been slower in attacking than their parents but still having caught a good portion of the attack. The fourth one was limping away into the trees, crying pitifully as blood marked its path.

The poachers’ attention was drawn back to the Salamence, whose feeble efforts to get free from the suffocating grip of the dead Houndooms’ jaws was getting weaker and weaker. Then, with a final wheeze, he fell still, eyes fogging in death. His Trainer growled and gave the carcass a mighty kick.

“Useless thing!” he snapped. Josh gave a little cough.

“And those pelts look a bit…well…smoldered. We can’t sell them like that, we won’t get any money. I told you that thing would-“ He was cut short as the Salamence Trainer's brother picked him up and tossed his heavily. The young man hit the ground a few feet away and gasped as the air was slammed from his lungs.

“Just shut up you stupid twit,” the Salamence Trainer snapped, his face livid. “Now we need to find a way off this island!” He kicked at his Pokemon’s body again and growled.

“Come on, we can go into the forest out of the sun and think,” his brother said. The two of them turned and headed for the trees while Josh struggled to his feet.

“Wa-wait for me!” he gasped, clutching at his sides as he followed.


Adume walked. He didn’t know how long he had walked before he had collapsed, panting. He wasn’t badly hurt, just a large gash on his side. He had been lucky to have been behind Eris when the attack had been fired. He hadn’t taken much of the blow at all.

The little Houndour whimpered softly as tears fell from his eyes.
Grief coursed through his small body as he cried, mourning the death of his family. He cried until he had no tears left, and with nothing to do, his mind began to suffer.

“The big blue Dragon attacked them, the humans made it do it, but it wanted to, said it would get rewarded, what does that mean? Mama and Papa and Eris and Kio and Dei are gone now, gone and I’m not, why are they gone? The big mean Dragon is gone too, it’s gone and won’t hurt anyone again, but the mean humans are still there. They wanted to hurt us, they made Mama and Papa and my brothers and sister go away and I’m alone now, but I can stop the bad humans and make them go away like Mama and the others, make them go away so they won’t hurt anyone again…”

His rambling went on, becoming more and more crazed as the day ran its course. Finally, as the sun was setting, he got to his paws and turned back to the beach. A strange, mad light glinted in his eyes as he gave an unnerving laugh.

“Humans won’t leave, I won’t let them! Bad humans will go away and never hurt me again!”

With that, he ran off, mad laughter echoing around him.


As night had fallen, Josh had made a fire on the beach. The poachers had left the forest as day had faded so they could eat something hot, and seeing as they couldn’t light a fire among the trees, they had went back to the beach.

That had been about an hour ago. Now the three of them were laying around, silent. And one by one, they fell asleep. None of them noticed the eyes watching them. None of them noticed when the fire died, when the small shadow pulled itself from the trees and slipped to where they lie.

In the darkness of night, none of them noticed death stealing upon them.


Josh woke with a start by a loud scuffling to his right. He bolted upright, instinctively grabbing the handgun by his side, and looked around. The others were still asleep, and Josh saw the sand was kicked up by the Salamence Trainer’s legs. That was what had woken him. Josh smirked and laid back down. The older poacher must have been having a bad dream or something, to kick out like that. Served him right for treating the younger man like he and his sibling had earlier.

Then he saw a flash of movement. He sat upright again, feeling fear creep into him as he clutched at his handgun. He waited, but nothing happened. Assuming he had just been seeing things, Josh set the gun down and sighed.

He didn’t even have time to scream before the claws and fangs were at his throat, ripping and tearing as he thrashed about in the darkness of night.


Adume stood back, surveying his work. The bad humans were gone now, like his family. The Houndour gave a mad grin, blood shining in the faint moonlight on his fangs and claws. He licked at them and grinned more, spinning in a circle and laughing madly.

“Little humans go away now, go away and never come back…”


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