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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: 04-09-2008
* Birthdate: March 7th, 1994
* Name: Zach
* Alias: ZachAttack, ZachNCheeze, Cheeze, Mac, Whatever you can think of.
* Sex: Male
* Race: Asian
* Ethnicity: 1/2 Taiwanese, 1/2 Persian (Iranian).
* Birthplace: California <3
* Location: Bay Area California
* Height: 5'5
* Weight: 95
* Shoe Size: 9 Mens
* Eye Color: Brown :D
* Hair Color: Black (>:DDD)
* Piercings: Oh ew >_>
* Tattoos: Nope :D
* Dating/Marital Status: Single n happy with it
* Sexual Orientation: Straight
* Family: Crazy
* Pets: Hobbes, my puppy, Tangerine, my canary, and my misc fishies.
* Grade: 9th :o
* Occupation: Student... :D
* Favorite Colors: Green, Red, Orange, Yellow
* Favorite Movies: Way too many to list, but includes Pursuit of Happiness.
* Favorite TV Series: I just watch random shows, I don't really follow any.
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Way too many to list, but I love the killers as of now.
* Favorite Video Games: Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and lots more.
* Favorite Character: Gallade >:D
* Favorite Book: "Someday this pain will be useful to you". No it's not an emo book lol. Go read it you'll see.
* Favorite Food: Nom nom nom. Salmon maybe? OH - STRAWBERRY VANILLA ICE CREAM WHIPCREAM CREPES.
* Favorite Beverage: Coca Cola... Mountain Dew. CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKES.
* Favorite Clothing Brands: I like to wear Old Navy, Macy's, and other misc things like that. It looks better than stupid old abercrombie.
* Where you've traveled: Well, let's see. States: California (kekeke), Washington DC, Nevada, Utah, and New York. Countries: The US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, China, Taiwan, Japan, India, and Iran.
* Hobbies and Keywords: lalalalala
* Picture (Photo):



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