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Default Ref Log

First Match :O

Violet City Gym Battle!

Leader Smurf vs Challenger Screech

3 vs 3
No Items[helds allowed]
Normal Terrain
Sunny Weather
Sleep Clause

Smurf - Jumpluff, Staraptor, Charizard
Screech - Luxray, Garchomp, Gengar

Jumpluff started out by Leeching Luxray, which roared out Starptor. Staraptor switched while Screech Crunched even though his attack was lowered. Roar again brought out Charizard, who got 2 Dragon Dances in. That let Josh just walk all over Screech.

Josh - 2000, Defends his Gym
Screech - 1000
Me - 1500

Salary - 1500
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