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Default Re: Diamond_Master Vs No1Inparticular Vs Crazy231 Vs N.O.A.N - Normal Beauty

Typhlosion appeals with Flamethrower! +4
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=2]

Golduck appeals with Water Gun! +4
Combo! +4
Crowd looks on [CL=2]

Arcanine appeals with Flamethrower! +4
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=3]

Monferno looks around.

1st Golduck 404 pts (290 without attributes)
2nd Arcanine 369 pts (240 without attributes)
3rd Typhlosion 310 pts
4th Monferno 130 pts

Congrats to Noan for winning once again.

PM me your choices of berries...
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