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Default Re: Pokemon Linked - MMORPG

Yeah, I am trying very very hard to get the server up. I dont think that it is worth it yet, as the next demo will be an entirely new game.

I think you will find in it:

A full or almost complete pokedex - all the way up to 493 pokemon.
A semi-complete battle system.
A new world of NPC's, and a few indoor stuff.
Almost all of the bugs fixed, I cant see any at the moment.
A day and night system.
Bag system.
Computer storage and stuff.

And in the demo after that ALL of the above will definately be completed, and hopefully all the other basic stuff. Then we will just need to map and create quests.

:D, Keep up the feedback, and suggest anything and everything! If I am not posting here for a bit, DONT worry. It means I am working harder on the game, I will always keep working on it untill it is done, or I pass the project onto someone else, and in which case I will post about it.
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