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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Ok, don't know if this has been made yet; haven't read all the posts, but here goes nothin'.

Name: Pokemon trainer (remake)

How to unlock: Beat Classic tweanty times with pokemon trainer.

What pokemon he has: Piplup, Grotle, Infernape.

Piplup: up B: same as squirtle in normal pokemon trainer.

Side B: Peck: slides forward, kinda like Wario on his bike, with his beak stretched out.

Down B: Dive: dives under the ground, AKA water, for three seconds to avoid attacks, and then jumps up, damaging anyone above him.

Normal B: shoots a water gun straight forward; can charge up to change distance and attack power.

Grotle: Normal B: Razor Leaf: fires sharp leafes in a straght line; Can charge up to change distance and attack power
Up B: Same as Bulbasaur in normal pokemon trainer

Down B: Earthqake: damages any enimie in the immideate radius.

Side B: Headbutt: Using his hard skull, he hits anyone straght in front of him.

Infernape: Normal B: shoots a small ember attack straight in fron of him; Can charge to change distance.

Up B: does a triple jump

Down B: Jumps in the air and slams back to the ground, doing heavy damage to anyone directly below them, and does modorate damage to anyone in the immidiate radius.

Side B: Fire Punch: He slams his fist in to anyone directly in front of him.

Final Smash: Triple finish (redux)

Piplup: Hydro Pump

Grotle: Leaf Storm

Infernape: Flare Blitz
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