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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Cool! Kinda similiar to that P. Breeder that someone did.

Name: Shadow the Hedgehog
Series: Sonic
Adventure- Meet him in Subspace Emissiary
Classic- Beat Classic on Hard mode with Sonic
Versus- Fight in 100 brawls with Sonic and win.
Up+B: Chaos Control (Zaps from one place to another, depending on the direction control stick is, will inflict some damage)
Side+B: Shadow Rifle (Take his rifle out and launches an energy ball/fire shot, longer you hold button, faster, farther, and stronger it will get.)
B: Chaos Spear (Charge it up to use for later, if charged up will travel far)
Down+B: Black Tornado (Spins around enemy and creates a tornado. Can follow up with attacks, tornado inflicts damage and will pick up items. Can only have one tornado out at a time.)
Final Smash: Chaos Blast (Large explosion of DOOM!)

Up taunt: Folds arms and does his "hmm" that he seems fond of doing.
Side taunt: Takes a red Chaos Emerald out and makes it circle him.
Down taunt: Gathers Chaos energy around him while in a fighting stance, shouting "I'm the ultimate lifeform"

(I love Chaos Blast...And see? He's not a clone of Sonic!)

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