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Ch. 5) The Return

Jack entered the lab with Chikorita by his side. “Professor are the healing machines up and running? Houndour is a little banged up.”

“Yes the two next to the wall are on,” The professor beckoned to two rather large machines against his lab wall “I see you have a Chikorita with you. Did you figure out what was happening?”

“Yes some group called Team Alpha had kidnapped them and was using them for scientific experiments. I guess the Chikorita are caged up outside of Viridian City. You may want to send your aide to retrieve them.”

Professor Oak looked up with concern in his eyes. “That sounds suspiciously like something Team Rocket would have attempted, but they haven’t been in operation in 15 years…” Professor Oak looked out a nearby window “I wonder if the two groups are somehow related…”

Jack walked over to the machines and placed Houndour’s pokeball on it. The machine began to whir and Jack walked with Chikorita over to Professor Oak. “Team Rocket? Didn’t Ash Ketchum help bring them down?”

“Yes that was years ago. Twenty years actually. Your father played a vital role in helping finish what Ketchum started.”

“Yea…” Jack looked up with a grin “I bet they weren’t expecting that an Indigo League semi-finalist was also a police officer. I guess he pretty much tore them up.” Jack picked up the newly healed Houndour’s pokeball and then clipped the ball to his belt.

“I wouldn’t doubt it. He was quite the formidable trainer in his heyday. I’m sure all of his battling skills were passed down to you. It’s a shame you gave up being a trainer so soon.”

“Erm…that’s kinda what I wanted to talk with you about…” Jack looked down at Chikorita and stroked its leaf “This morning when I was battling the Alpha Elite I realized that even though my journey didn’t start off so well, I am destined to be a pokemon trainer. If you don’t mind Professor I would like to leave my work as an aide and become a trainer once again.”

Professor Oak beamed “I knew eventually you would realize your true calling.” Professor Oak pulled out some papers “Of course I will need you to re-register as a Pokemon trainer. It won’t take much time but I do need you to be authorized.”

Jack took the stack of papers over to a desk in the corner and began filling them out. As he was just finishing up his signature at the bottom of the last page the lab doors opened up.
A young boy walked in. He had on a beanie over his long, curly brown hair. He was average height and very skinny. He was wearing a t-shirt and khaki shorts.

“Ahhh Brandon! I’ve been expecting you!” Professor Oak walked over and guided the boy into the room where Jack had first received his Charmander.

“Must be starting his journey today…” Thought Jack “I guess technically I am too…” Jack looked down and saw Chikorita sleeping next to the Professor’s Lab equipment. It felt odd to Jack not to have Houndour by his side so he decided to switch the Pokemon out. “Return Chikorita. You can sleep in your pokeball.” Jack shot a beam of red light out from his pokeball which enveloped Chikorita and then sucked it back into Jack’s hand. “Go Houndour!” The white light exploded in the lab and then dissipated. In its place stood the little black pokemon.

“Hey buddy…” Jack leaned down and rubbed Houndour’s ears “You feeling okay?” Houndour gave Jack a small lick on his cheek and then went off to smell around the lab.

“Thanks so much Professor Oak!” Brandon and the Professor were walking out of the room. Brandon had a sparkling red and white pokeball in his hand. Jack caught the boy’s eye and nodded. The boy looked at him curiously. “Are you a pokemon trainer?” Brandon seemed eager to know.

“Well yea actually I am. I’m assuming your wanting to battle?” Brandon nodded furiously. “Alright. The lab probably wouldn’t be the best place to battle so perhaps we should go outside to do this.”

“Sounds good. See you there in a few minutes. I have to finish some paperwork for Professor Oak before I’m official.”

Jack nodded. “Come on Houndour.” The little black dog sprinted over to Jack’s side and followed him out of the door.


Jack stood across the field from Brandon. “This will be a one-on-one battle with no boundaries. Is that okay?”

Brandon nodded and threw his pokeball out onto the field. The red and white ball flew open and out came Brandon’s new pokemon. It was a small blue dinosaur with a plant on its back. A Bulbasaur. Jack pulled out his pokedex to scan the pokemon:

Bulbasaur, the seed pokemon. For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back. It is a good choice for beginner trainers.

“Seems like I’m going to a need a tough pokemon for this battle…” Jack didn't think using Houndour would be fair since he had the type advantage and Brandon only had one pokemon. There was only one logical choice. “Go Chikorita!”

The leaf pokemon exploded out of its pokeball. It swung the leaf on its head around twice and then got ready to battle.

“Bulbasaur start this off with a tackle!” Bulbasaur took off full speed at Chikorita.

“Chikorita dodge it and then pepper it with razor leaf!” Chikorita waited until the last moment and then deftly jumped out of the way. Bulbasaur skidded to a stop and then turned around in time to see multiple razor sharp leaves flying at it.

“Bulbasaur knock them away with your vine whip!” Two vines shot out of the bulb on Bulbasaur’s back. They were able to wipe away the first wave of leaves that Chikorita sent but the leaves were coming in much too fast. The leaves tore across Bulbasaur causing damage to Brandon’s only pokemon.

“Great Job Chikorita! Now finish this with a body slam!” Chikorita took off at a run towards Bulbasaur then jumped in the air to body slam it.

“Bulbasaur use sleep powder!” A light blue mist wafted out of Bulbasaur’s bulb and covered Chikorita. Chikorita feel asleep but still slammed into Bulbasaur with full momentum. Both were out cold.

“Wow…” Jack shook his head in disbelief “Can’t say I saw that coming.”

“Yea. Great battle though.” Brandon returned Bulbasaur to his pokeball. “Well I’m going to head towards Viridian City. Hopefully we’ll see each other again.” With that Brandon took off on a brisk walk north to route 1.

Jack returned Chikorita to its pokeball and then looked down at Houndour. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a little bit of competition don’t we Houndour?” Houndour barked happily and then jumped on Jack. “Well I see you’re ready to get going.” Jack peered out over the horizon. “Tomorrow,” he thought “Tomorrow I’ll officially start my journey as a pokemon trainer.”