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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Oh, oh, oh, I got one!

Game Series= Naruto
To Unlock= Unlock Kakashi-sensei as an Assist Trophy. Note he is are extremely rare.

Regular Attacks= Punches.

B = Shruikans.
Up + B = Chakra-boosted Jump (basically the same as Lucario's Up + B)
Side + B = Uzumaki Barrage (many clones appear, and all dash out of the screen in the fastest way possible. Anyone caught in the stampede is damaged)
Down + B = Shadow Clone Jutsu (makes a clone, which acts a friendly CPU; disappears within a while)
Up Smash = Stabs upward with a kunai.
Side Smash = Rasengan
Down Smash = Farts. XD
Final Smash = Unleashes the Nine-tailed Fox spirit. Sort of like Entei/Ho-oh's ability as a Pokeball Assist, only Naruto can move, and throw extraordinarily powerful punches. Note he cannot jump.

Taunt 1 = "Believe it!"
Taunt 2 = Uses Sexy Jutsu.
Taunt 3 = Bites his thumb, and tries to use Summoning Jutsu (which fails, leaving Naruto in a cloud of smoke looking foolish)

Colors = Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White

Kakashi-sensei (Assist Trophy)
Kakashi uses Lightning Blade, and charges around the screen for a short period of time. He can walk in any terrain and past any blockades. In other words, he can move anywhere in the screen.
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