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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

From: DragonBallZ
Unlock: Beat Classic in 5 minutes.

Attack: Punches
Attack Combo: Punches and Kicks
Side Attack: Pushes
Down Attack: Hits ground and creates ripple
Up Attack: Pulls fist back and upwards

Special: Energy Blast
Side Special: Charged Punch
Down Special: Folds hands and swings downward
Up Special: Fly for a certain amount of time

Smash: Kamehameha
Side Smash: Spirit Bomb
Up Smash: Throws in air and slams downward
Down Smash: Earthquake

Final Smash: Super Saiyan (Increase in speed and strength by 10) More hits, the stronger lvl it becomes, up to SS4

Mega x Azumi

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