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Default Peck's Shiny and Event Pokemon Trading Thread

Welcome To Peck's Shiny and Event Pokemon Trading Thread

Hello, i am always willing to trade so make sure u are always posting. you can also pm me. i have a number of shinies and event pokemon, i will try to update the thread as much as possible, i am really only looking for shiny pokemon and event pokemon.

My Shiny Pokemon

Mudkip (lvl 16 Impish)

Marshstomp (lvl 17 Impish)

Swampert (lvl 36, Impish)

Larvitar (lvl 10, Naive)

Pupitar PKRS (30, Naive)

Tyranitar PKRS (lvl 55, Naive)

Riolu (lvl 10, Adamant)

Bulbasaur (lvl 1, Quiet)

Ivysaur (lvl 16, Quiet)

Venusaur (lvl 32, Quiet)

Charmander (lvl 1, Lonely, cherish ball)

Charmeleon (lvl 16, Lonely, cherish ball)

Charizard (lvl 64, Naughty)

Dratini (lvl 5, Lonely)

Smeargle (lvl 17, Lax)

Regirock (lvl 40, Careful)\

Skitty (lvl 5, Normal)

Altaria ( lvl 35, Adamant)

Zangoose (lvl 26, Gentle)

Shinx (lvl 4, Careful)

Luxio (lvl 15, Careful)

Luxray(lvl 30, Careful)

Squirtle (lvl 5, Mild)

Wartortle (lvl 16, Mild)

Blastoise (lvl 36, Mild)

Latias (lvl 40, Rash)

Cacturne (lvl 53, Docile)

Azelf (lvl 50, Naughty)

Chikorita (lvl 5, Docile)

Scizor (lvl 40, Hasty)

Porygon-z (lvl 10, Adamant)

Lugia (lvl 70, Bashful)

Porygon (lvl 24, Bold)

HO-OH (lvl 70, Quirky)

Eevee (lvl 34, Lax)

Rayquaza (lvl 100, Bashful)

Gyarados (lvl 32, Gentle)

Magneton (lvl 56, Calm)

Piplup (lvl 1, Bold)

Prinplup (lvl 16, Bold)

Empoleon (lvl 36, Bold)

Chikorita (lvl 5, Docile)

Bayleef (lvl 16, Docile)

Maganium (lvl 32, Docile)

Phanpy (lvl 5, Serious)

Donphan (lvl 25, Serious)

Chansey (lvl 16, Serious)

Kyogre (lvl 70 pkrs, Brave) (nicknamed)

My Event Pokemon

10 ANIV: (ID:00010)

Alakazam UT
Latios UT
Latias UT
Absol UT
Umbreon UT
Espeon UT
Pikachu ID:06808 UT
Pikachu UT
Suicune UT
Celebi UT
Articuno UT
Typlosion UT

10ANNIV: (ID:06227)



Palcity Mew ID: 07157
Palcity Lucario ID: 07157
Palcity Manaphy ID: 07157


Saikyou Dragonite ID:01158 UT
Saikyou Miotic ID:12157 UT



Stamp (ID:30821) COMPLETE!

Absol UT
Pichu UT

Bryant Park

Latias UT
Suicine UT


PCNYb Kingdra ID:00283
PCNYb Miotic ID:00972


PCNYd Seviper ID:00224 UT
PCNYd Flygon ID:00077 UT


Sport Hitmonchan ID: 06119 UT

Distant Land

Shiny Entei ID: 43241
Suicune ID: 63012
Distand Land Lugia ID: 17458


SPACE C Deoxys ID:00010 UT
NYC Mew ID:01234 UT
MYSTRY Mew ID:06930 UT
ROCKS Metang ID:02005
Distand Land Lugia ID:17458
Aura Mew ID:20078
Shiny CHANNEL Jirachi ID:40122 UT
PKTOPIA Magmortar ID:06257
Concert Chatot ID: 10286
Shiny JBHF Manaphy ID:11077
PC Tokyo (B-day) Charmander ID:07207
Jeremy Haunter ID:13579 UT
POTERE Treeko ID:00252 UT
Box Skitty Shiny UT ID:28877 move: pay day

Manaphy Eggs and Phion Eggs Available

All Of My Pokmon Are 110% Legit

I Am Looking For
Any Event Pokmon
Any Shiny Pokemon

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