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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Originally Posted by Poltergeist View Post
B(Avalanche)- Rocks fall in front of Issac hitting anyone surronding him.
Up B(Gaia)- Energy bursts from the ground, rising to hit the player.
Forward B(Quake)-Issac slams the ground with his sword causing the ground ahead to go upward somewhat.
Down B(Ragnarok)-Issac sumons a sword of energy that flies down, crashing into the opponent.
Final Smash(Judgment)- Judgment flies into the staes background and fires his lion cannon at the opposition, Issac moves during the FS.
This one is really good. It's close to what I would do, except I couldn't decide on putting Judgment or Odyssey as his Final Smash.

I have one, but It's not finished yet. I'll add it later on.
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