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Default [Comic]Team Diamond & Pearl - The Year of Darkness [Issue 12]- 8/11/09

by Anastasia.R

Season 1 thread - This thread link
Offical Site for Team Diamond and Pearl -Team Diamond and Pearl site!

Really if you know thread 1 that has season 1, you'll understand where we left off. If you don't I'll start you off new viewers. =)

On Aug. 14 2007, a girl named Torey was trasformed into a Torchic. She ends up to be a team leader of a team called "Team Diamond". The rivals of the good teams is "Team Pearl" along with other outlaw teams. The darkness has said to have left the regions, but it never did. The outlaw teams are still around making more crimes and ways to control the world.

I really suggest if you you didn't read the first season, read it BEFORE you read season 2. (Season 1 pages)

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4
Issue 5
Issue 6
Issue 7
Issue 8
Issue 9
Issue 10
Issue 11
Issue 12

Guest Stars -- OPEN
Male or Female?:
Pokemon you'll be:
Loner or with a team/group?:
Evil or good role?:
Describe yourself:


I just wanna say I'll be making 1 thread for each season. I'm also trying my best not to have many errors in spelling and ect. If you have questions, just PM me. Thank you and enjoy the comic. ^_^

(To tons of the old veiwers: I told you I won't let Team D/P die. )

Thanks, PE2K - See here for contact info, please!
deviantART - on everyday to post art and if you want to contact me as well! || Art Trio: Gemma & Xanthe|| Pair: Griff

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