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Default Re: Big bang debate

I don't belive it. If it was true the matter would explode and cool down. But once the earth was born it was filled with volcano's and massive destruction. But then, how did the animals kingdom get here. Did the slimy humans and animals crawl out from the farthest reaches of earth? I think not. Sure it may sound convincing but if you think hard it's simple.

1) Chaos can't bring beauty.
2) If there was such a thing why aren't there more planets in our solar system? Some have over millions.
3) You can't deny it you've seen the U.F.O's and everything. But where did they come from too?
4) If the big bang truly exists then we would have planets slowly forming out of the blue from left over cosmic gases and dust. We've had telescopes for since the 1600's from Galiaeo (SP?) and there's no way that we couldn't have spotted it already.
5)Okay what about stars. Either a lot of stars can burn forever or i'm crazy. I belive that earth was much hotter than any star and if that's true half of the stars in the Universe should of burnt out.

If you have any objections just say them and don't flame me, okay.

EDIT: I can belive pangea and things but not a big bang.

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