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I support the Big Bang Theory, though it is not probably 100% accurate, it may partially describe how our Universe formed. If the matter in the Universe is constantly expanding, that probably means the all the matter, if you go backwards in time billions of years, started in an original location and suddenly started expanding because of an explosion or imbalance of force.

But then, how did the animals kingdom get here. Did the slimy humans and animals crawl out from the farthest reaches of earth?
Evolution. All life started from simple organisms formed from chemicals in the Earth's atmosphere, and eventually grew in size, becoming non-microscopic. In the future, the life became more complex.

Chaos can't bring beauty.
Imagine you're a fish in the Pacific Ocean. You're swimming to where you and your friends call the "big mountain" and you're swimming around with them, playing hide and seek around the green plants growing around there. Then all of a sudden, BAM! An explosion happens. You and your friends are killed, and lava forms an island. Then the lava cools and years and years later, plants begin to grow on the island. Eventually, what forms is a tropical island. Isn't that beauty?

Either a lot of stars can burn forever or i'm crazy.
Stars (and our sun) do not burn, but the energy/heat is created rather by a process called nuclear fusion. But if they did burn, like you said, the stars would only last for a couple thousand or million years.

Note: I am not flaming, just stating my own opinion.

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