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Default Re: Soul of Serenity

GEORGE, you stud-ly, courageous, wonderful, fantastic, magnificent angel in the form of a Grader. Thank you so very much for grading my story, and I'm so glad you liked it! I appreciate the tips and various suggestions you gave me. :3

And now I can put the ending:

Her skirts rustled as the clean air whipped by them. She reached her elderly hand up to a face that had once been beautiful those many years ago. Before everything had happened. Before those aged lines reached every last inch of her skin. Yet she gave it no notice, and gently brushed her brittle grey hair away from her sunken cheek. The cliff she stood on hung high over the lake she peered out into. It was beautiful; endless water going far out of sight due to the curving of the round earth. The sun cast warm rays upon it, causing a glittering reflection to cover a vast majority of the body of water. But even in the midst of this remarkable sight, she loathed that lake. She despised it with an understanding of a formidable foe. It was like a tiger, whose gorgeous stripes she would admire from afar yet never dare to get close enough to give it the chance to strike. And so she stood on her cliff, far out of its reach.

The interesting thing about Iternadi Lake lies deep beneath the surface. Even by the clearest sky, the sun’s light would never be strong enough to breach the secret. Truth was, few believed the mystery inside of the lake. It was a fairy tale, a myth, but those who had suffered its curse, well, they believed it. And in doing so, they fled; enveloped in fear or out of mere despair for everything that had happened. Except for her.

Old though she was, her vivid memory played as a broken record through her mind. Reminding her of everything she had lost, everything she had suffered, and forcing a wet sheet of salty tears down her sagging face. Yes, she remembered. And the lump in her throat began to swell as the story burst into her mind once more.

And when it had ended, her heart ached with remorse, yes, but also of hope. She had lived on her own since then, but she had André’s spirit living with her in his Pokémon. She knew it was only time that stood between her and being reunited with them all at last. And so she turned on a fragile heel to make her way back to the cabin that rested perfectly between the edge of the forest and the edge of the lake. The elderly woman turned her head over her shoulder to peer up into a white sky where she pictured those familiar faces smiling down upon her behind it. All she had to do was wait…


A man with jet black hair walked cautiously toward the blinding light, which for some reason, gave his eyes more comfort than pain. Pearly white mist wrapped happily around his feet as he walked closer and closer to warm light.

In moments, a large golden gate emerged behind the layers of foggy haze. Without flaws, the rods of pure gold twisted artistically in various directions to form a breathtaking gate that barred whatever it was hiding behind it from view.

A few shallow breaths emerged from the lips of the man who watched silently as the large gate opened inward to reveal more light and two figures walking toward him. He knew exactly who they were before they came clearly into his view.

The first, though petite, was fairly larger than the second, her yellow hair falling roughly at her shoulders, and her porcelain skin radiating with an inner glow. The young child beside her beamed with a grin larger than receiving the perfect present for Christmas; one that stretched all the way up to his eyes. And though the man had never seen this child before, he knew in his heart what the boy was.

The woman reached a hand out to the man standing before her. A gesture he was waiting for. He turned back to see where he had come from only for a moment. And in that moment, you could see that his eyes were awake and warm, and his smooth skin appeared as though it could never wrinkle. The color in his eyes seemed brighter, and like a candle his heart was burning with love on a wick that never ended.

The End
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