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Default Re: Forum Guide

Post #4: Private Messages, Visitor Messages, User CP, Avatar, Signature

Private Messages
This is an important features, espicially if you or someone else wants to contact you directly. If you look on the top right of the forum, it says "Welcome, (your name here)." Right beneath that, you will see “Private Messages” followed by a number showing how many new messages you have. Go there to read and respond to private messages. You can send private messages to other members by going to the person's profile (by clicking their name), and then click on the "Send a private message" URL under Contact Info in the profile.

Visitor Messages
With this feature, you can publicly send messages to other members in their profile. You can delete any Visitor Messages within your own profile. If you choose not to use this feature, you can disable it by changing your account settings.

Social Groups
These are user created groups to chat in. You can find them here: Social Groups. All forum rules still apply.

User CP
The User CP (Control Panel), contains all the settings you can set. This includes, your signature and avatar settings, and edit forum options, such as date and time options.

The avatar is the image that will appear next to your name in your posts. By going to the Edit Avatar in your User CP, you can enter a URL of the image, or if you have the image on your computer, you can upload the image you want to use. Maximum size for avatars: 100 by 100 pixels and 40KB.

The signature is the area below all your posts. You can enter text and images here.

Big Signatures=Bad!

Signature Text
Along with your image, you may place text in your signature, please try to keep your text minimum so that you don't increase the size of your signature even further. If you want more space for text, make your image in your signature smaller or don't use one at all.

There's also a 300 character limit, if you can't fit your entire signature within that limit, you must take some stuff out to make it fit. You can save URL space by using

Forum Skins
At any time, you may change the look of the forum to another Skin. This can be changed in your settings or by the scroll down box at the bottom left of the page. Blue Commune is the forum default.

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