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Default Re: Usohachi's Official English Name: Bonsly!

Originally Posted by DragonKing
Heh. Until I saw Destiny Deoxys (I'm guessing you too) I also pronounced them "ray-KWAH-za" and "MEHT-a-GROSS" rather than "ray-KWAY-za" and "METH-a-GROHS." I probably mispronounce a few others incorrectly, too. Until the second to last episode in America (I happened to watch it ), I had been pronouncing Breloom as "BRAY-loom" instead of "breh-LOOM." Anime really needs to spell them more phonetically. Then again, I guess my "BRAY-loom" pronunciation wasn't too phonetic. Take care.
Personally, I like to pronounce it "met-a-graws" cause "met-a-gohs" jest sounds, gross . I've always said it "ray-kway-zuh" cause if you were to have studied the 3 beast like I did you'd know that he got his name from "ray-like beams of light" and "Quazar-star". I also pronounce it "breh-loom" and confirmed my pro when they were saying there name in the 6th movie, however, kids stupidB had there little "take the challenge" thing and say'd it wrong "bray-loom" (which actually make more sense to me than breh) along with a few other (can't remember) so they would ryme with the other poke's names (like thay do in the PokeRaps) and I was afraid thats what they'd also say in the ep, but it didn't really matter cause of the fact that I couldn't hear a dang thing (I hate you antenna ).