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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

#52 [AIM]


Sigma_ vs. Noob Of All Noobs

No items
Held allowed
Normal Terrian
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause

Sigma_ with Gengar
Noob Of All Noobs with Primeape, Infernape & Electivire

Gengar took out all three by himself. He used Psychic on the first turn to weaken out Primeape, then Infernape was switched in, it was killed off by Sludge Bomb's. Electivire was taken out by two Sludge Bombs, one which poisoned it- which did help kill off Vire much. Then Primeape came in, Gengar was at low HP so it just used Destiny Bond for a fun(ny) finish. :D


Sigma_ defeats Dewford gym and gets TM Bulk Up, Knuckle Badge, $2,000
Noob Of All Noobs fails to defend his gym and gets $1,000

I should get $1,500 for reffing.

Salary: $49,500

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