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Default Shiny hunters trade thread. Looking for a forretress.

Only rules are

1.Say what you want done with pokemon you want. Below is what can be done

2.Pm me if Im not online.

3.No spamming.

4.Basic pe2k rules apply

Heres how it works.

1. Offer me your garbage crap pokemon you don't want.

2. I will randomly offer put up a pokemon for trade or give an egg.

3. Basically its like a way of getting rid of your garbage

What you can get

1.A pokemon you ask for-Note---Only if i ok it. In other words im not trading good stuff for garbage.

2 Nature you want

3. A mystery egg

4.Im not good at it but i can try to breed egg moves.

I thought this was a new kind of trade thread. I have not seen many like this.
so i made one.

Have fun
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