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Default Re: DA's Fan-Event Thread

Originally Posted by -PoKeMoN_gAmEr- View Post
Shiny HARVEST (Thanksgiving '07) Chikorita

wat do u want for it
What do you have? Fan-made events? Real events? Shiny Pokemon in normal PokeBalls?

Originally Posted by raja12344 View Post
I Need Pke2 Kyogre
Okay. I'll have to clone it and get back to you

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
i need ur pacriusi spring i will giv shiny hallowen darkri for it
Sure, I'm fine with that.

Originally Posted by guncannon9 View Post
do you want MasterBallz's 1st anniversary Lucario?

Sure. What do you want for it?


As you may know, Wi-Fi is down at the moment. I will try to get back to each of you when it's working properly. I will be needing each of your FC's; I will give you mine when I get back to you.
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