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Default Re: Death Penalty

Everyone has a reason for what they do. Just because the standard laws are not to kill, rape, steal etc., doesn't mean they're right or fair in everyone's eyes. People need to be understood, not punished.

And do we even know what death is? Sure, people can imagine what happens when our bodies break down, but nobody can prove or disprove any theory; nobody knows. Perhaps we're sending criminals on to a better life. Perhaps not. Opinions on the death penalty are highly influenced by beliefs of death. Personally, I think it most likely that there is not an afterlife, and nobody, however horrendous their crime, deserves to have their life ended in such a way.

For those that believe crimes such as murder should be punished with death; as long as it is impossible to understand the mysteries of death, you'll never know whether you have rewarded, punished or had little effect on the person in question.

I also find it disgusting that many of those backing the death penalty would call themselves "Christians" and deny supporting "eye-for-eye" justice.
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