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Default Stats

[Neo Pikachu]

Contact Info
AIM - neoslayer93

Blackthorn Gym Leader
Trade Approver
Daycare Employee
Dream World Center Employee

{Daycare: $0 / Items: $0 / Pokemon: $14,500/ Other: $0}

Basic battles: (155/162/3)
Regular battles: (46/30/-)
{Single: 43/30/0}
{Doubles: 1/0/0}
{Triples: 0/0/0}
{Rotation: 1/0/0}

Gym battles: (27/13/-)
WAR battles
Shoddy: (1/2/0)
Pokemon Online: (2/2/0)
URPG: (11/8/0)
Ladder battles: (2/2/-)
Tournament battles: (13/6/0)
{Dream Tournament
Little Cup Tournament
Gym Leader Tournament
NU Tournament
Team Wars Tournament}
Battle Factory: Round 1, Round 2
FFAs: 106
Places {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30}:

Recent Events
April Quiz 2010
AIM Raffle
Summer Event 2010
URPG Summer Lottery
Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Life
Summer's End Lottery

Ref Calc
BW Ref Calc - 76
BW Ref Calc - 99
FFA Ref Calc
BW Guide
The Ultimate Pokemon Center
Smogon Research Thread
Serebii Attack Dex
Serebii Ability Dex
Smogon Ability Dex
Psypokes Ability Dex
Critical Hit Stages
Backup stats
Park Info
Lil Wayne banner - Emp
Samus banner - Me
Smogon Research Thread - Rotation Battles

Cable Link
TM Flash Cannon
TM Substitute
HM Strength
HM Surf
HM Waterfall
Held Items:
Choice Band x2
Choice Scarf
Choice Specs
Expert Belt
Focus Sash
Icy Rock
Leftovers x2
Life Orb
Lum Berry x3
Muscle Band
Petaya Berry
Red Card x2
Toxic Orb
Yache Berry
Park Items:
Full Heal x4
Full Restore
Hyperball x5
Park Pass
Special Map
Superball x3
Supreme Park Ball
Type Repellent

Badge Case:
Kanto: 6/8
[Pewter City] [GliscorMan] [Boulder Badge]
[Cerulean City] [Cascade Badge]
[Vermillion City] [Medz] [Thunder Badge]
[Celadon City] [ragnarok0422] [Rainbow Badge]
[Saffron City][Marsh Badge]
[Fuschia City] [Sec] [Soul Badge]
[Cinnabar Island] [iReign] [Volcano Badge]
[Viridian City] [TheEvilDookie] [Earth Badge]

Johto: 6/8
[Violet City] [Mitsuzo-kun] [Zephyr Badge]
[Azalea Town] [Hive Badge]
[Goldenrod] [Khajmer] [Plain Badge]
[Ecruteak] [Brizer] [Fog Badge]
[Cianwood][Spiderc] [Storm Badge]
[Olivine City] [Neonsands] [Mineral Badge]
[Mahogany City] [Glacier Badge]
[Blackthorn City] [Fierce Deity] [Rising Badge]

Hoenn: 5/8
[Rustboro City] [Ayotui] [Stone Badge]
[Dewford Town] [Knuckle Badge]
[Mauville City] [MetallicHoundoom] [Dynamo Badge]
[Lavaridge Town] [Elrond] [Heat Badge]
[Petalburg City] [Bryce] [Balance Badge]
[Fortree City] [Adrenaline] [Feather Badge]
[Mossdeep City] [Mind Badge]
[Sootopolis City] [Rain Badge]

Sinnoh: 6/8
[Oreburgh City] [Ayotui] [Luke39] [Turtwig A] [Coal Badge]
[Eterna City] [GreenRampage] [Forest Badge]
[Veilstone City] [Cobble Badge]
[Pastoria City] [AmericanTreeFrog] [Fen Badge]
[Hearthome City] [Tyranitar_Trainer] [Relic Badge]
[Canalave City] [ragnajacob] [Mine Badge]
[Snowpoint City] [Icicle Badge]
[Sunyshore City] [Xalapeno] [Beacon Badge]

Unova: 2/8
[Striaton City] [Trio Badge]
[Nacrene City] [Basic Badge]
[Castelia City] [Insect Badge]
[Nimbasa City] [Bolt Badge]
[Driftveil City] [WinterVines] [Quake Badge]
[Mistralton City] [Jet Badge]
[Icirrus City] [Freeze Badge]
[Opelucid City] [Ash K.] [Legend Badge]

Orange Islands: 0/5
[Mikan Island] [Coral Eye]
[Navel Island] [Sea Ruby]
[Trovita Island] [Spike Shell]
[Kumquat Island] [Jade Star]
[Pummelo Island] [Orange League Trophy]

Shopping List (16 Pokemon)
Alakazam: (TMs) Seismic Toss, Rest, Psych Up, Hidden Power, Swagger, Attract, Light Screen, Snatch, Energy Ball

Ambipom: (TMs) Protect, Return, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Taunt, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Facade, Snatch, Shadow Claw, Payback, Thunder Wave, U-turn, Substitute

Archeops: (TMs) Hone Claws, Roar, Hidden Power, Taunt, Protect, Smack Down, Earthquake, Return, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Round, Focus Blast, Shadow Claw, Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Bulldoze, Dragon Tail, Substitute (EMs) Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Head Smash, Knock Off

Bronzong: (TMs) Light Screen, Protect, Earthquake, Return, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Reflect, Rock Tomb, Rest, Skill Swap, Charge Beam, Explosion, Stealth Rock, Psych Up, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Grass Knot, Swagger, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Trick Room, Psyshock, Telekinesis, Bulldoze (EMs) Signal Beam, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt

Dragonite: (TMs) Body Slam, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Reflect, Fire Blast, Swift, Substitute, Curse, Zap Cannon, Hidden Power, Icy Wind, Protect, Rain Dance, Return, Ice Punch, Sleep Talk, Focus Punch, Dragon Claw, Water Pulse, Roar, Sunny Day, Earthquake, Shock Wave, Flamethrower, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Hone Claws, Light Screen, Round, Sky Drop, Incinerate, Bulldoze (EMs) Aqua Jet, Extremespeed, Haze, Draco Meteor, Heat Wave, Ominous Wind, Tailwind

Druddigon: (TMs) Roar, Taunt, Protect, Smack Down, Return, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw, Payback, Retaliate, Substitute (EMs) Fire Fang, Pursuit, Sucker Punch, Thunder Fang

Gallade: (TMs) Taunt, Light Screen, Return, Reflect, Skill Swap, Snatch, Focus Punch, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Drain Punch, Stone Edge, Thunder Wave, Psych Up, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Sleep Talk, Poison Jab, Substitute, Psyshock, Telekinesis, Low Sweep, Ally Switch, Will-O-Wisp, Retaliate, Bulldoze, Work Up (EMs) Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Encore, Mean Look, Shadow Sneak, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off, Low Kick, Wish

Gengar: (TMs) Thunder, Psychic, Substitute, Psych Up, Protect, Giga Drain, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Taunt, Snatch

Haxorus: (TMs) Hone Claws, Roar, Protect, Return, Rock Tomb, Round, Payback, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Dragon Tail, Poison Jab, Substitute (EMs) Counter, Night Slash

Hydreigon: (TMs) Hidden Power, Taunt, Protect, Earthquake, Return, Reflect, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Rock Tomb, Rest, Round, Echoed Voice, Focus Blast, Charge Beam, Incinerate, Acrobatics, Payback, Thunder Wave, Psych Up, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Dragon Tail, U-turn, Flash Cannon, Fly, Surf (EMs) Assurance, Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Fire Fang, Head Smash, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Draco Meteor

Infernape: (TMs) Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Overheat, Substitute, Torment, Rock Slide

Jolteon: (TMs) Reflect, Substitute, Hidden Power, Protect, Rain Dance, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Attract, Light Screen

Kingdra: (TMs) Rest, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Attract

Lucario: (TMs) Focus Punch, Water Pulse, Bulk Up, Hidden Power, Protect, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Focus Blast, Drain Punch, Shadow Claw, Payback, Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Hone Claws, Low Sweep, Round, Retaliate, Bulldoze, Work Up (EMs) Agility, Blaze Kick, Ice Punch, Magnet Rise, Thunderpunch

Ludicolo: (TMs) Water Pulse, Bullet Seed, Hidden Power, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Protect, Giga Drain, Brick Break, Focus Blast, Drain Punch, Swords Dance, Grass Knot, Substitute, Round, Scald (EMs) Counter, Teeter Dance, Tickle, Seed Bomb, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Metronome

Machamp: (TMs) Body Slam, Counter, Earthquake, Fissure, Fire Blast, Rest, Rock Slide, Substitute, Protect, Return, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Bulk Up, Brick Break, Flamethrower, Rock Tomb, Facade, Payback, Stone Edge

Metagross: (TMs) Hidden Power, Light Screen, Protect, Return, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Reflect, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Psych Up, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Grass Knot, Substitute

Milotic: (TMs) Blizzard, Protect, Dragon Pulse, Psych Up, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Light Screen, Round, Dragon Tail (EMs) Brine, Confuse Ray, Haze, Hypnosis, Mirror Coat, Tickle, Icy Wind, Magic Coat

Salamence: (TMs) Flamethrower, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Swagger (EMs) Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor, Aqua Tail

Sceptile: (TMs) Hidden Power, Protect, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Attract, Dragon Claw, Roar, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Grass Knot, Substitute, X-Scissor, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse (EMs) Thunderpunch, Synthesis, Crunch

Togekiss: (TMs) Zap Cannon, Psych Up, Hidden Power, Protect, Rain Dance, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Fire Blast, Swift, Attract, Water Pulse, Light Screen, Reflect, Shock Wave, Flamethrower, Roost, Fling, Silver Wind, Thunder Wave, Grass Knot, Substitute (EMs) Counter, Nasty Plot, Psycho Shift, Trick, Tri Attack

Totodile/Feraligatr: (TMs) Roar, Protect, Earthquake, Return, Ice Punch, Sleep Talk, Attract, Focus Punch, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb, Focus Blast, Shadow Claw, Avalanche, Swords Dance, Captivate, Rock Slide, Substitute (EMs) Counter, Seismic Toss, Outrage

Walrein: (TMs) Water Pulse, Roar, Hidden Power, Ice Beam, Protect, Earthquake, Return, Rock Tomb, Rest, Attract, Brine, Avalanche, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Round, Echoed Voice, Frost Breath (EMs) Aqua Ring, Curse, Signal Beam, Spit Up, Swallow, Yawn, Aqua Tail, Icy Wind, Super Fang, Iron Head

Weavile: (TMs) Psych Up, Protect, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Attract, Focus Punch, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Snatch, Payback, Avalanche, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Poison Jab, Substitute (EMs) Counter, Pursuit, Knock Off
POL Stats

WAR XI Team: .

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