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Default Re: djax94 VS Aelitaluver30 VS Darkrai_Of_Darkness VS Bobtail - Normal Smart

And I guess I forgot too ;p

My bad, here we go.

Gengar use Curse! +3
Next turn goes last
Crowd looks on [CL=4]

Torterra use Synthetis! Random points!(+2)
Crowd goes berserk! +5

Butterfree use PoisonPowder! +3
Crowd cheer, +1 [CL=1]

Eevee use Trump Card!
Crowd boos -1, [CL=0]

Last turn still:
1st: Torterra, 140 PTS
2nd: Butterfree, 80 PTS
3rd: Eevee, 50 PTS
4th: Gengar, 120 PTS
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