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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

#116 [AIM]

Free For All

No items
No held
Normal terrian
Normal weather
No sleep moves (including Rest)
No evasion
No Destiny Bond
No Perish Song
All hit moves hit one
Gameboy Rules: 4 Moves
Auto Trick Room


TheEvilDookie with Swampert
crazy231 with Machamp
Sigma_ with Shedinja
EmBreon with Umbreon
pokeking1 with Metagross
Noob Of All Noobs with Togekiss


Togekiss could've won, but instead of KOing Machamp and then Shedinja, killed Shedinja then- with Trick Room- was able to be KOed with a Stone Edge.


EmBreon gets last and $1,000
pokeking1 get 5th and $1,000
TheEvilDookie gets 4th and $1,000
Sigma_ gets 3rd and $1,500
Noob Of All Noobs gets 2nd and $2,000
crazy231 wins and gets $2,500

I should get $3,000 for reffing.

Salary: $3,000
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