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Default Re: Twisted Mirror [PG]

I spoke first, “Gentlemen, I present to you, the messenger of shadows, me.”

“You? Who do you work for? Why have you aided us in this battle?” the lead psychic Pokemon said. That monster clearly was an Alakazam, and he barely had any scratches.

“I work for Gengar of the Lavender Tower. I am also the messenger of shadows.”

“Ah, so you are his new pet that we have been informed of.”

“Yes, and this is just a gesture of good will from my master. He wishes you... good luck with your ventures at the battlefield.”

“Yes, we have his thanks.”

I recalled smeargle and disappeared. The new-gens seemed unsurprised by my little trick, and continued on to Mount. Moon. Of course, that battle I would not miss. I followed those new-gens through to the mountain that would shine and glitter under the moon, and it did not disappoint, as it was as beautiful as they said it would be during the night. It was a shame that under a full moon that a war was to continue.

The scaling of the mountain wasn't too bad, as in my current invisible state, I noticed that I was also lighter than I was in my materialistic form. The top of the mountain was the war, and I was determined to see it for myself. I never made it to the top of the mountain.

About midway through the psychic new-gens were ambushed by several rock Pokemon, presumably trained by the human army, but it also seemed that the psychic new-gens defeated the ambush fairly easily, with psychic attacks coming in left and right, and then confuse rays slapping the rock Pokemon around, or rather the rock Pokemon started slapping themselves with confusion flying about.

Amidst that chaos, the men jumped the psychic new-gens with the remaining strength they had, from all around the north and south. The psychic new-gens were caught by surprise, but it wasn't long until the west end's battle began to resolve and Pewter's new-gens began to push the men back toward the east. Essentially the men were sandwiched between two new-gen forces, and another group of men surrounded the psychic new-gens' group.

Of course, that would mean that the psychic new-gens were in trouble, and I was obliged to aid the successful taking of Mount. Moon. I wasn't really feeling it this time, and certainly the number of men there did not surpass the large force that were to substitute for this force, so I wished them luck with their extra men from Pewter.

The rock new-gens from Pewter smashed their way through the first wave of men running to the east, taking at least five or six men with each earthquake attack, or each rock slide assault. Bloodshed continued as the men fought back with water guns and ice throwers. It would seem that the men would have a chance at winning this battle at such a disadvantage, as a caged animal would violently attempt to break free of its cage, even at its own cost. I saw that in those men's eyes as they stopped with their retreat and started to attack west once again.

It seemed that the other men harassing the psychic new-gens with guerrilla warfare were paying off, as several psychic new-gens were dropping down without a single casualty from the men's side. I must congratulate their general for such a tactic in the underworld when I get there, for this strategy was brilliant at such a difficult time. However, the psychics were catching on, as new men were stopped on their tracks with increasingly powerful psychic blasts as they appeared. The men jumped the psychic new-gens at the same time after, seeing their tactics fail. It was all but too late, as the psychics' sheer numbers outnumbered the men at least two to one, and many of the men were crushed from psychic attacks, others were simply mutilated or mangled. It appeared that the psychic new-gens were not even close to full power when facing their enemies earlier that evening, or that they didn't have the ability to be at full power.

On the western front, it was better for the humans, as they kept pushing the rock beasts back, but it was also too late for their lives, as a second group appeared as reinforcements, and literally crushed whatever was left of that force. The battle of Mount. Moon was a screaming victory for the new-gens, and with that I left the mountain, as my mission was complete.

As I walked down to Cerulean through mountains of trees and lush green forage under the moonlight, I had smeargle open the chasm again to let the reinforcements out. It was a shame that these men would not see daylight again if they were to head to Mount. Moon, but it was just that.

I ventured away from Cerulean at least at the current time frame, as certainly the men would be after a “man among the new-gens”. Of course, I wasn't that man either. It was still safer to head north until the dust settled and the humans begin attempting to take Mount. Moon over again. It was north then.
End of chapter 2

Confused people please stand on the left side. Not confused people please step to the right. *sees everyone step to the left*

I figured as much. So wtf is going on here? I'll tell you, chapter 2 isn't directly after chapter 1. :O *gets shot from stating the obvious*

Seriously, have fun with figuring out the puzzle and stuff, because generally speaking puzzles are fun and fan fic puzzles never seem to ever happen due to the confusion it brings. Cheers, I'm one to make puzzles. ;)

Now people...CRITICIZE! O_O
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