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Default Re: Duck For Brains. Enter Pokémon Ranger and Psyduck!

Chapter 5

Loco plunged into the lake and stared at the Psyduck. Psyduck was reeling its head, and ready to attack. Drift clutched her fists, “Okay, Loco! Energy Ball attack!” Loco created a green energy in front of its mouth, and shot it at the Psyduck. The Psyduck was clearly hit by the attack and received a considerable amount of damage, however stood its ground while still clutching its head. The Psyduck shut its eyes tight, and then opened them wide. It’s eyes looked quite strange. They were filled with a mystical light, resembling the light that was in the lake earlier. It opened its mouth wide and released a loud cry, “PSYYYYYDUUUUCCCCKKK!” A enormous psychic blast flew from Psyduck and struck Loco, sending him flying across the water.

Loco was almost defeated. It lay there very dazed, clearly hit hard by Psyduck's psychic blast. Psyduck then quickly swam over while Loco was down, and unleashed a storm of Fury Swipes. It lashed at the poor Lotad, and with every strike Drift became more and more worried for Loco's safety. Loco was cringing, and it would jolt in different directions as each swipe hit him. Psyduck then finished its attack, and put its hands back on its head. Loco was almost completely done with. It looked like a dead lily pad tossed aside to the edge of the lake, almost completely motionless.

Psyduck wasn't complete yet. It let go of its head once more and unleashed yet another array of Fury Swipes. With each claw swiping the surface of Loco's skin, Loco let out a cry. It was in dire pain. Psyduck then stepped back and let out a cry of victory. Drift was nervously looking around, trying to think up some sort of way to stop this Psyduck's madness. Psyduck clasped its head again, and Drift knew from the light emanating from it that it was readying yet another psychic blast to finish the job. "Psyyyyyyyy..." It closed its eyes tight, and clutched its head. This next one was going to be powerful.

Drift was desperately racking her brain. She knew one more attack would knock out Loco and give the Psyduck a chance to escape. That’s it! She thought. Then, smiling, she shouted to Loco, “Alright, Loco! Go under water right under Psyduck and then shoot an Energy Ball up at it from underneath it! Go!” Loco opened one eye, and, despite its very poor condition, dove underwater and swam right underneath Psyduck. The Psyduck was dumbfounded and started looking around for where Loco went. Meanwhile, underwater, Loco was conjuring up an Energy Ball. The mystical green energy looked absolutely eerie under the water's surface. Once the Energy Ball was large enough, Loco looked up and aimed right for Psyduck, and then fired.

The Energy Ball shot up like a bullet from the water and sent Psyduck flying in the air. Letting go of its head, Psyduck was flapping its arms trying to stay airborne. “Loco, come back up from the water and hit Psyduck with a Zen Headbutt before it hits the water’s surface again!” Loco quickly surfaced the water and stored energy at its head. It then sprang up and hit Psyduck, causing it to slam into the edge of the lake.

Psyduck lay bemused at the side of the lake. It was twitching with pain, and its eyes were closed tightly... However, it wasn't clutching its head. Drift knew now was the time for Loco to give the final blow. "Alright, Loco!" She shouted, "Use your Mega Drain attack!" Loco nodded towards Drift, and then, with yet another mystical green energy, attacked Psyduck. The Mega Drain sucked Psyduck's last bit of strength left. Psyduck was now motionless, fainted. Drift knew now, for sure, Psyduck was out for the count.

Drift smirked, “Alright!” She grabbed a fresh Pokéball from her belt and threw it at the Psyduck. Nelson was standing there in absolute astonishment, his mouth open. The ball opened and sucked Psyduck inside, and began to shake…

Maybe back. Maybe not.

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