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Default Re: *~.::BDC_Arctic's Official Battle Thread::.~*

Well, this is where I will place my results from the battles that take place in this thread. I will be updating this after each battle. It will be placed in this format:

Opponent's Name(Clan/Battle result, description)loss/win/draw

Ex: BDC_Arctic(Team Aqua/6-6)

Overall Battle Record

Wins: 30/ Losses: 16 /Draws: 4

1. Elite Battle Master(The Contending Elites /0-6)LOSS
2. Optimus Prime(Neo Team Rocket/Before the communication error, it was 6-3)Unknown
3. Xtremekilling(None/Update later :P)Unknown
4. MarthEX(Team AQUA/0-2)LOSS
5. Deoxy(Draco Alliance/5-0)WIN
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