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Default Re: Battle Log Thread

Name: BDC-Arc
Friend Code: 1890-8863-3151
Clan: Team Aqua
Gym Leader of: Extreme Gym Elite Four #3


Wins: 53 / Losses: 20 / Recorded Draws: 4

Latest Win: Drift[Double Battle](4-0)

Recent Loss: The Automatic Man(2-0)


Standard Battling Rules

- Lv. 100 Single
- 6 vs. 6
- Ubers prohibited
- No hacked stats, movesets, abilities, EVs, IVs, etc.
- 2 non-uber legends max per team
- Species Clause (No more than one of each Pokemon)
- Sleep Clause (No putting more than one Pokemon to sleep at a time)
- Evasion Clause (No evasive moves such as Double Team, Minimize, etc...)
- Hax Items Clause (No Items that rely on luck, such as Focus Band or Quick Claw)
- OHKO Clause (No using OHKO moves such as Horn Drill, Fissure, etc...)


My Battle Thread:


Extreme Gym Badges Received:

[Battle Thread / Battle Log / Arctic's Battle Videos]

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