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Default Re: Pokemon Linked - MMORPG

Good news guys: I am getting very bored of this tedious programming, and I have decided to try and work on putting together the game again into the next demo. I think that all the attacks have been programmed, I programmed over half, and a kind person raised their hand to do the rest. I should have cody working on the battle system also, but the problem is stats and putting them ingame. I have also decided to try and rid myself of the auto-updater, and get patchs instead so there will be less to download. I am working also on cleaning up the forums and will probably move everything into an invisable bin, keeping everyones posts. The forums have decided to be the official dates and times, so refer to it for things like that. More importantly on it are a few useful links, cody has put up a site that tells people what the staffs times are, and you can have your name added to it if you want.
Any idea's on gameplay would be great as I want a few cool things in this demo that others havn't seen in a fangame before :).

Thanks everyone also that supports this game - you make our (the staff) world go round, its amazing how positive a comment can be :).
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