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Jack was sprinting as fast as possible to finally catch someone who knew his father’s whereabouts. He made a quick right and saw the Trainer’s Hall come into view. Jack burst through the door and said a little excessively loud to the woman at the front desk “Has a trainer named Randy Quick left yet?”

The brown haired woman looked up “The champion? I believe he went back to Saffron City an hour ago. I’m sorry.”

“No its fine…” Jack trudged out of the trainer hall. “At least I know where he’s at I guess.” Jack decided to let Houndour out of his pokeball. The little black dog happily shook its hair out and yipped at Jack. "I guess we'll meet him in Saffron buddy."

Jack went over to a bench and sat down. He needed some time to think. Ever since his dad had finished off Team Rocket and double crossed Giovanni things had been rough. Jack and his mother had been forced to move from Vermilion City and enter the witness protection program and Jack’s father was forbidden from seeing his family until there was no longer a threat from Team Rocket. It was all very complicated.

Jack stood up “Well Houndour I assume we might as well head towards Pewter City. We’ll be able to get our first badge there.” Jack pulled his bag over his shoulder and headed north toward the Viridian Forest.

Just as Jack had exited the city he saw a trainer heading his way. “This is a good chance to get some training in, Houndour.” Jack hurried over the young trainer and got a look at him. He was short and skinny and wearing a baseball cap. He had light brown hair and funnily enough was covered in dust. “Hey there! Would you like to battle?”

The boy looked up and smiled meekly. “No thanks. My team and I were wiped out by the Rogue and now I need to heal. Thanks anyway.”

“The Rogue? Is that some sort of super powerful trainer?” Jack would love to get to battle against someone of that caliber.

“No it’s actually a super powerful pokemon. Rumor has it that its original trainer couldn’t quite handle it and released it. Any trainer that’s able to catch it will reap some major rewards.” The boy then shook some dust off and began his trek back to Viridian City.

“Nice talking to you!” Jack yelled at the boy’s back. The boy turned and waved to him as he walked off into the golden sunset. “Houndour sounds like me and you have a powerful pokemon to go catch!” Jack and Houndour tore off up the road toward the forest.


Jack was crouched down behind the gigantic sap trees waiting for movement in the forest. He and Houndour had been laying low for about 2 hours anticipating the “Rogue”.

Jack scanned along the dark ground for any tell-tale signs about where a pokemon might be. He saw some bright yellow flowers and a discarded Ekans skin but couldn’t see anything to tip him off.

“There has to be some way to lure a wild pokemon into view…” Jack thought to himself. Jack ran his thumb along the two pokeballs on his belt and finally had an idea. Jack plucked one of the pokeballs off his belt and released his Chikorita onto the shadowy forest floor.

“Chikorita I need you to use Sweet Scent. There’s a pokemon we’ve got to capture.” Chikorita gave a nod and then lifted its head to the air. A misty pink powder flowed out of Chikorita’s leaf and drifted along the forest floor. Now it was only up to Jack to sit and wait for the Rogue to come.

After a few minutes a couple pokemon wandered onto the scene. A small orange worm pokemon and a large blue butterfly came across Jack’s clearing. Neither were the Rogue and so Jack decided to give up on catching the infamous pokemon and just continue on his journey.

As Jack, Chikorita, and Houndour got out from behind the tree Jack noticed a barely audible whistling sound. Jack turned to see what it was and saw a stark white object flying through the air on a collision course with his face.

THWAP! Chikorita had shot a vine whip into the air and caught the object just before it decimated Jack’s face. “Nice work Chikorita. Now we have to find what threw that.” Jack looked over at the object Chikorita had caught. It was a large bone. “We better be fast guys. We don’t wanna lose whatever this is.”

Jack and his pokemon sprinted into the weeds and bushes too catch the Rogue. Jack temporarily lost it but then saw a brown blur scurry up a large oak tree. “Well I guess our only hope is for me to follow it. You guys stay down here and attack the pokemon if you see it.”

Jack scurried up the broad tree and then settled onto a thick branch. The trees in this forest were so dense they had grown together to essentially form a natural bridge though the canopy of the forest. Jack could see a small brown pokemon with a skull on its head hopping from branch to branch.

“Oh no…you’re not going to get away that easy…” Jack tore off through the branches in hot pursuit of the pokemon. Houndour and Chikorita were peppering the bone pokemon with attacks in an effort to knock it out of the tree.

Jack was gaining ground on the pokemon and tried to throw a pokeball at it. The pokemon tore a branch from the tree and knocked the ball away baseball like. “Well this could be a problem…” Jack continued his mad sprint after the Rogue and came within inches when suddenly a huge spurt of fire shot up and almost hit Jack.

“Good Lord! Houndour is gonna kill me if I’m not careful!” Jack thought to himself. Jack pulled Houndour’s ball off his belt and quickly returned the fire pokemon to avoid any further possible bodily harm.

“I’m going to have to end this quickly…I’m not in shape to run this much…” Jack’s lungs were burning and his legs were going numb. “Chikorita see if you can tangle it with your vines!” Two green cords shot up between tree branches and attempted to entangle themselves around the little pokemon’s legs.

The pokemon jumped and grabbed onto a branch just above it. It vaulted itself higher into the tangled tree branches to avoid the vines and then continued its mad dash.

“I’ve come too far and ran waaaaaayyyy too much to quit now…” Jack sprinted right under where the Rogue had vaulted and then flipped himself up to the same level. The sprint ensued.

Jack began to notice something very troubling. His chase had brought him all the way to the edge off the forest and the branches were beginning to thin out. Footing was hard to find and the branches were mossy anyway. It was only a matter of time until Jack was sent crashing to the forest floor below. He had to end this now.

The pokemon was hopping form branch and Jack was struggling to find an opening where he could finally catch the thing. The Rogue suddenly hit a knot hole and stumbled. To regain its balance it jumped up and grabbed a higher branch. This was the opening Jack was looking for.

Jack leapt and got to a slightly higher branch and began sprinting across it until he was just above the pokemon. Jack dropped and put all his weight into a drop kick. His tennis shoes collided with the top of the Rogue's head and knocked it out of the canopy and onto the ground. It was out cold.

“Easy catch I guess…” Jack dropped down to the forest floor to join Chikorita and the unconscious pokemon. He threw out a pokeball and it collided with the pokemon. The ball rocked once…twice…PING! The Rogue was finally captured.

Jack was going to get out pokedex to scan it when he felt for his pocket. His stomach dropped. Where his pokedex should have been was pocket full of broken glass. He had destroyed it during the chase.

“I guess I’ll have to consult professor Oak on this one…Oh well.” Jack set out to set up camp. He was too tired to walk any farther. As he began to set up the tent he thought to himself slightly bemused. “For once I’d like to catch a pokemon the easy way…”

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