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Default Re: Ref Log Thing


No Items
No Sleep moves
No Destiny Bond/Perish Song
Hit All moves hit one
If you KO a mon, you get a move you dont learn normally
talk while I ref you lose 90%
Bug types only!

Scizor1 - Leman
Shedinja1 - SuperSmashBrawl
Armaldo - Black Hawk
Scizor2 - Billy
Beautifly - May
Scizor3 - Adrenaline
Yanmega - Legend Slayer
Fortress - Pokeking
Ninjask - Screech
Shedinja2 - Sgima_
Metapod - Emma


SSB, May, Screech - 1k
Leman - 1.5k
PK - 2k
Emma - 2.5k
Adrenaline - 3k
Sigma_ - 3.5k
LS - 4k
Black Hawk - 4.5k
Billy - 5k

I should get 5.5k for reffing

Salary - 15, 000
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