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Default Re: DA's Fan-Event Thread

Originally Posted by wazzup123 View Post
Hi! I'm interested in these:

Shiny HARVEST (Thanksgiving '07) Farfetch'd
HARVEST (Thanksgiving '07) Bellossom
HARVEST (Thanksgiving '07) Pikachu
HARVEST (Thanksgiving '07) Growlithe
Shiny HARVEST (Thanksgiving '07) Chikorita
Shiny H2o Mantyke (BABIMANTA)... needs cloned
Shiny Travel (Traveling Man) Ditto ~NEW~
Shiny Dude (Surf's up, Dude) Pikachu... needs cloned ~NEW~

Could you check the first link in my thread for what you would like in return? There are real events and fan-mades in there. Thanks!
I'm interested in these. What are you willing to trade?

NOA Heracross (all 3)
Daisuke Blissey
Daisuke Cherubi
Bryant Park Dragonite
Hadou Regis (all 3)
Shiny Pokebox Skitty
Taiwan Jirachi
Taiwan Mew
Taiwan Celebi
Stamp Pichu
Gorku Octillery
NWS Manaphy
E4ALL Manaphy
JBHF Manaphy
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