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Ch. 10)

Jack’s palms were sweaty as he decided what pokeball to throw out onto the field. Lawrence stood across the rocky battlefield with arms crossed. He was the epitome of confidence. “This is a rock gym…” Jack thought aloud. “So I’ll take the advantage. Go Chikorita!”

Chikorita exploded out of its pokeball and the gym lights glinted off its prominent leaf. Chikorita pawed at the sandy battlefield ready to battle.

“Ahhh a grass type…” Lawrence smirked. “You’re going to have to depend on more than type advantage here!” Lawrence removed a pokeball from under his coat and then flung it at the ground. It appeared that a boulder had come out of the pokeball until Jack noticed two muscular arms jutting out from its sides.

Jack pulled out the Pokecamera and took a quick snapshot. The screen on the back of the Pokecamera flashed the picture of the pokemon and then to Jack’s surprise gave him a brief description:

Geodude, a rock-type. It swings its fists around if angered.

“Well that’s not exactly what I was hoping for…” Jack had no more knowledge on Geodude now than he did before the battle.

“Geodude tackle!” Geodude used its arms and pushed off a nearby rock and flung itself at Chikorita.

“Chikorita counter with a tackle of your own!” The leaf pokemon sprung into the air and collided with Geodude full force. Chikorita hit first and shakily got to its feet, while Geodude sprung right up ready for some more.

“Jack you should know better than to attack a rock-type with a tackle. You’re going to have to step up your game if you want to beat me.”

Jack was going to have to make up for that move. “Chikorita razor leaf!” The leaf pokemon swung its leaf around its head rapidly until hundreds of razor sharp leaves flew out and were on a collision course with Geodude.

“Defense curl!” Geodude rolled into a tight ball as the leaves ripped across its rocky exterior. Jack could hear muffled grunts of pain but once again Geodude had sustained no serious damage.

“Now use rock throw!” Geodude ripped some of the boulders out of the field and hurled them at Chikorita.

“Use reflect Chikorita then counter with vinewhip!” Chikorita’s eyes changed from their normal color to bright gold. A golden wall soon appeared between Chikorita and Geodude. Three rocks smashed into the wall and harmlessly fell to the ground. Chikorita then shot vines out if its neck and whipped Geodude into one of the rocks on the battlefield. Finally Geodude had sustained some damage.

“Well played Jack. I’ll give you some credit because you are tougher then I initially thought. I am however going to have to end this match now. Geodude magnitude!” Geodude punched the sand and then what appeared to be waves began to travel throughout the gym floor. The walls began to shake and small rock fragments fell from the ceiling.

Four waves rocked Chikorita and sent it flying across the floor. When the waves finally subsided Chikorita was left sprawled out against a rock.

“Only a magnitude of four, Geodude? I figured you could go higher…” Lawrence looked over at Chikorita’s unmoving form. “Look like that did the trick anyway.”

“You’re not giving Chikorita enough credit as a battler.” Jack gestured toward a battered Chikorita who was standing on its feet once again. “It’s not over yet. Chikorita we can’t risk withstanding another attack like that you have to get close!”

Chikorita shot out two snakelike vines and then snaked them around Geodude’s body. The grass pokemon reeled Geodude in like a fish.

“Geodude use mega punch now that you’re close!” Geodude attempted to bring its fist back but Chikorita’s vines had tied its arms to its side. The ball was in Jack’s court now.

“Chikorita use stun spore!” A faint yellow powder floated out of Chikorita’s leaf and onto Geodude.

“Geodude get out of there!” The poor pokemon was attempting to wriggle out of Chikorita’s grip but its joints were becoming stiffer by the second. Soon Geodude was frozen by paralysis and couldn’t move.

The judge held up a green flag on Jack’s side. “Geodude is unable to battle. The bout goes to Chikorita.”

“Hmmmm…I obviously can’t toy around with you much longer, Jack…So I guess I’ll use the pride of my collection, Rhyhorn!”

A gigantic gray pokemon appeared on the field. It looked like a rhinoceros except it was covered in spiky armor. The Rhyhorn gave a loud bellow which shook the foundation of the gym.

Jack’s camera flashed:

Rhyhorn, a rock/ ground type. It can only charge and run in one direction.

Jack sighed. “Once again useless information… I guess I still have to use Chikorita though!”

“Rhyhorn that Chikorita is already weak! Use take down!”

Rhyhorn took off at a full speed toward the battered Chikorita and had no intention of slowing down.

“Chikorita dodge it!” Jack watched in horror as the leaf pokemon feebly jumped to dodge and was slammed by the Rhyhorn. Chikorita was tossed several feet through the air before crashing into one of the many rocks on the floor. Chikorita was just inches away from going out of bounds and losing the battle.

“Chikorita I need you to stand up and finish this!” Chikorita shakily stood on its four legs. Both eyes were squeezed shut from pain and exhaustion.

“Rhyhorn use magnitude!” Rhyhorn roared, mouth agape, and then stomped on the ground releasing a devastating earthquake. Ten waves ripped out from under Rhyhorn’s foot. The lights around the gym flickered and pieces of the gym’s ceiling were beginning to fall out.

Chikorita was hit by the wave and sent soaring through the air. Jack ran underneath and caught the Chikorita before she could smash into the ground. Jack returned the grass pokemon to its pokeball.

“Chikorita is unable to battle. The bout goes to Rhyhorn.”

‘His Rhyhorn is strong…almost too strong.” Jack faced a dilemma. “Houndour is at a type disadvantage but I can’t trust Cubone. Better safe than sorry I guess… Go Houndour!”

Houndour barked in compliance and then ran out onto the field to face the spiked behemoth. “Houndour use ember!” A series of white hot flames flew out of Houndour’s mouth and onto Rhyhorn’s face. Rhyhorn didn’t even blink. “Oh no… this could end up bad…”

“Rhyhorn use take down!” Lawrence was obviously going to end this battle as quickly as possible.

“Houndour use agility!” Houndour disappeared and only left a plume of dust behind. Rhyhorn kept running and had to skid to a stop to avoid falling out of bounds. Suddenly Jack remembered the Pokecamera’s information.
“Houndour go stand by the out of bounds line!” Houndour bounded over to the white line on the edge of the gym and sat down.

“HA! You think I’d fall for that? Rhyhorn use magnitude again!” Rhyhorn began to bellow again ready to rip off another powerful magnitude.

Without missing a beat Jack commanded “Use agility and then shoot a flamethrower down its throat!” Houndour disappeared once again and then appeared in front of the ground pokemon. A short, sharp blast of fire down Rhyhorn’s throat and a quick kick off of its face sent the spiked pokemon into a relentless rage.

“Run toward the out of bounds line Houndour!” Houndour was running just fast enough to keep Rhyhorn at his heels. The little pokemon had already figured out Jack’s plan.

“Rhyhorn you’ve got to stop!” Lawrence would’ve been pulling his hair out if there was any to pull.

When it was just inches away from the line Houndour dropped and rolled out of the way. Rhyhorn threw its head attempting to catch the dark pokemon but missed and careened out of bounds.

“Rhyhorn has exited the arena. The bout goes go to Houndour. Jack Tripper from Cinnabar has defeated Leader Lawrence.”

“YES! Way to go Houndour!” The dog-like pokemon jumped up into Jack’s arms and happily lapped at his face. “I’m so proud of you buddy!”

“Looks like we still have some work to do…” Lawrence said under his breath as he returned Rhyhorn. The defeated leader then walked over to Jack and held out his hand. Something small and shiny fell into Jack’s open palm. “That’s the Boulder Badge. You’ve earned it.”

Jack shook Lawrence’s hand. “Thank you for the great battle, Lawrence.”

“Not a problem. Now carry on throughout the world and continue to grow. I look forward to seeing you again.”

Jack gave a few more good-byes and then went out the door. “Well Houndour, One down. Seven to go.”