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Default MARIOKART DS club

Welcome to the MARIOKART DS club!! Here you can talk about the game, who your favorite characters are, and even battle on wi-fi!!! One of the goals here is to help out eachother and become better racers. If someone should ask a question then you are more then welcome to answer it. If anyone have any suggestions on how to make this club a little better then feel free. it's very simple, all you need to do is sign up and your in. Just follow the rules and have fun!!

~no spamming
~follow ALL pe2k rules
~have fun

sign ups
~why you want to join:
~your favorite character:

Me and Mr M (well Mr M mostly^^) came up with an idea to try and spice things up in this club. We thought that there could be a racing tournament between the members. Anyone who wants to be apart of the tournament please just PM me or just post saying you want to race. Im not sure when the big races are going to be. We all have to discuss together and come up with a time that is alright with everyone who signed up. There will be a list with the people who want to race. Have fun and get out there and RACE!

~Kei Ochima
~Mr M

~Kei Ochima

~ Panda
~ Sonji
~Aelita Schaeffer
~Metagross Ex


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