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Default Re: EV Training / IV Breeding Center

I need some one to breed me a zubat with 31 ivs in atk and speed and the eggmoves brave bird and zenheadbutt... and it would be super awesome if they could be equiped with the tm U-Turn or Roost, or even better one used on him and the other equiped

PM if you can do this and i will offer rewards
If some one offerd me a 100% legit blissy with perfect ivs i would turn them down because i don't use pokemon i hate.
Name: Penguin
PEARL FC: 0817-1215-5155

during the endphase of trades with me go here
so we can easily chat !

if some one could find some way to use their AR to hack a pokemon that when given to me i get items needed for Events, i would love them muchu and do ANYTHING for them
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