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Default Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

(Warning…LONG post!)

Well, I thought this would be an interesting topic, since I think it would help me with future chapters of my own story to discuss this, as I find writing about villains in stories to be very interesting.

So…if you’re writing a pokémon story involving villains of some sort, how do you portray your villains? What sort of villains do you like to write about, and what do you try to avoid when creating a villain character for a pokémon story?

I’ll post my opinions. ^w^

First, what I try to avoid:

These types of villains are really headdesk-inducing to me. In my opinion, it sort of ruins the excitement when a bully-like villain gets beaten and suddenly becomes a whimpering coward. I actually don’t really have a problem with writing about villains being sort of cowardly, as long as they still do (or try to do) what they came to do in spite of that, and don’t just give in to the protagonists and beg for mercy or run away with no intention of coming back. In my opinion, it makes it boring.

Another thing I try to avoid. I don’t like having villains that are (or own, if they’re human) commonly stereotyped pokémon such as non-Umbreon dark types, Scyther, Persian, Arbok/Seviper, and pokémon that have been seen owned by Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Galactic. Scyther is one I particularly try to avoid, and when I see a Scyther villain in a story I’m reading, I usually click the ‘back’ button and stop reading it. I’ve seen too many of them… >.<

I know by saying all this I sound like a total hypocrite, considering that the villains in my current story are houndour/houndoom. I wasn’t exactly happy with my decision when I first started writing, nor am I happy with it now, but it’s too late to change it, and I had a reason for using houndour and as much as I want to change it now, it would make the story make less sense. However I try to give my houndour/houndoom characters more detailed personalities as the story progresses and as I write more about them. I actually don’t think of them as ‘evil’ but more ‘misguided’. (They believe that what they do is for a good cause.) And they wouldn’t just randomly run up to someone and kill them or anything, of course.

Since I already have houndoom/houndour villains in my story, I avoid stereotyped “evil” pokémon for the rest of my current (and future) villains.

Well I don’t really mean “weakling”, but more “villains who are beaten easily”. It would take all the excitement out of writing for me if the heroes could defeat the villains any time they encounter them. Makes for less predictability when the villains are stronger than the heroes and can better them in a fight…makes you wonder what’ll happen if the heroes run into them. >=3

Lack of Clear Motives:
I always try to give villains a reason for what they do, and the way they are, rather than just saying “they are evil”. Also, if some wild pokémon randomly jumps out and attacks, I give it a reason for doing so. (Random wild pokémon have lives too you know!) I try to give villains just as much character development as the protagonists, and coming up with back stories for my villains is fuuuuuuunnnn!!!

Now, the kinds of villains I enjoy writing about:

There’s nothing I like better than writing about danger in my stories. And dangers involving villains are one of my favorite things to write about. I like writing about villains who are a threat. Villains who are by no means cowards, and who can’t be defeated by the characters in a fight, no matter how much the good guys “work together and try”. Villains who CAN kill a character if they had a reason to. Villains the protagonists themselves are scared of. Villains who don’t always loose. Villains who, when the protagonist strikes back, strikes THEM back again. These types of villains are what make writing about villains so fun for me.

Interesting Back Stories:
Villains with interesting back stories is also something that’s really fun for me to think about. Not just back stories for the villains, but for the heroes too. I find it strangely interesting and fun to write/think about for some reason.

Eeveelution Villains:
Ok, so this doesn’t have much to do with the topic in general, but for some unexplainable reason, I’ve recently gotten obsessed over making up villains who are eevee evolutions. In my current story, I have an eeveelution hero who I’m really fond of writing about, but after getting annoyed with all the Scyther/Houndoom/Mightyena villains in stories I’ve seen on other sites (not yet this one though.), I suddenly was struck with the desire to turn things around and so randomly created an eevee evolution villain. I mean, in lots of stories, they’re always the heroes-they’re always good. They’re usually the ones kicking dark type butt. =/ So, in a sudden burst of inspiration, I made up my first eeveelution villain, now I have lots of them (though most aren’t in stories I’m planning to ever write down.) To me, a bloodthirsty Espeon is just plain awesome. =D

Now for how I portray villains:

I think of my main villains just as important to the story as my main protagonists. They’re just as much characters as the heroes are, and I try to put a lot of thought into them. I try to give them reasonable and clear motives (or at least explain their motives later if it’s part of the plot for the protagonists not to know right away), a reason for doing what they do, and a clear personality that doesn’t just stay the same throughout the story.

Also, I don’t consider the fact that villains do bad things to make them necessarily deserving of getting beaten up or whatnot. Ok, maybe some of them deserve it, but I rarely make it happen anyway. I don’t think the fact that my villains do wrong gives my good characters any right to mercilessly beat them, and if they do, they’re now the ones doing wrong, and it usually doesn’t turn out well for them. =3

So sort of…I’m against the whole “bad guys get what’s coming to them” thing, in terms of being humiliated and/or beaten up in a one-sided fight or whatever, because like I think I said before, some are more misguided than evil, and if I write about one of my villains getting defeated, I make sure they are defeated in a more “dignified” way. (Meaning that, for example, if a villain in one of my stories got defeated in a battle, they’d battle against the heroes fiercely until the very end, and show courage even when defeated.)

Well, those are my opinions. And remember, they’re just opinions, and I’m not saying stories with villains that aren’t like what I like write about are “bad” or anything like that; this is just what I find interesting and what I like to include in my own stories.

Anyway, I would like to hear what other people’s opinions are, as I’ve been wanting to start a topic about this for a long time, and I’m sure in some weird way hearing others’ opinions will inspire me to write my story and such. (Plus I just want to know! =3) So please, post your opinions! =D

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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