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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

Well, I like my villians that I created. The best, or kind of rocky duo, are Raze and Scythe.

You may be familiar with them. Raze is a Taillow and Scythe, an Absol. But they're not normal, no. Raze wasn't evil at first. You'll know what happened if you've read my fic.

Raze was kindhearted and very loyal. Then when the incident happened...well, you know. He's really sarcastic too, if you look at his lines. He may work with Scythe, but that doesn't mean he's fond of her. ^_^

Scythe is a gifted fighter, and a pure black Absol. But she has a secret, which I won't tell in case you're wondering. She's not a normal Absol, apart from her colour. She started off a gang at first. It was how you survived at the time. She's not as sarcastic as Raze, but she likes to play along with him. She's very loyal to her master and is a muderer probably a hundred times over.

So that's my evil duo. As for the eevee-lutions, I'd like to see an evil Leafeon somewhere. I can just imagine the razor sharp leaves on it. XD

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