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Default The Movie Game!


The rules of this game are simple.
I feed you a movie title, then you name an actor from that movie.
The next person names another movie that actor played in.
The next person names an actor who played in that movie, and so on.

Like this: Shrek
Mike Myers
Austin Powers: Goldmember
The Pink Panther
Steve Martin, etc...

Simple right?
If the next person is unable to name a movie or actor from the last, the chain ends, and you get fed a new movie title.
Do not repeat a title or actor until the chain has moved six degrees (six titles and actors have been named).
Since all movies and actor names are not made up of four words, the four word rule does not apply here.
Make sure that you do not post off topic!

I'm going to start a trial run to see how this goes. If it takes off, I will start doing the game in rounds where there is a winner. :)

Time to feed you the first movie. Let's start with...

Little Nicky
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