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Default Re: *~ Trainer2000's Trading Thread *~

Originally Posted by Trainer2000 View Post
1. Wait patiently I may not be on if you rush me you'll get skipped.
2. Can't Trade hacks.
3. Have Fun

Event Darkrai
Any pokemon that has value

Meditite female Level 18
Beautifly female Level 40
Medicham Level 40 male
Machoke Level 37 male
Graveler female Level 36
Machoke Level 26 male
Cranidos level 24 male
Hippopotas level 22 male
Golbat level 25 male
Gyarados level 27 male
Mothim level 25 male
Noctowl level 27 female
Machoke level 25 male
Lucario level 30 hacked
Kadabra level 35 male
Golbat level 36 male
Dustox level 27 male
Houndoom LV 100 female
Beautifly forgot level

have more pokemon just ask

Do you have any events? And what is the level, nature, and gender of the shiny Pikachu?

l links l
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