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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

Originally Posted by Eeveeking929 View Post
I've never actually written Pokemon (never had a really good idea), but I do know how I like my villains: Completely evil (or ebil in the case of something adorable, ex. the totally ebil Whismur in a fic idea I had that I simply couldn't figure out how to write), dark and mysterious, well oiled backstory, and near godly powerful.

Completely Evil/Ebil

Yes, evil. The cornerstone of a villain. Driven by one of two goals: Domination or destruction. Take, for example, the main antagonist for the fic I'm currently writing (details not to be disclosed on genre, fandom, or the character itself. I will tell you that it's a sequel though, and starts immediately after the good guys uber-pwn the villain in the first one where I leave it off at the immense cliffy because I'm really that ebil (yes, I consider myself to be that adorable)). He's driven by the desire to dominate the galaxy, steal his former love from the good guys side, and when he finally croaks of old age as most people are wont to do, destroy the galaxy because no one else should ever be allowed to rule it, not even his own progeny. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is evil.

Dark and Mysterious/Well Oiled Backstory

The villain's backstory must be completely shrowded in mystery up until a point late in the fic at which his true nature is revealed. At this point, we discover at least these three things: Why he's so evil, where he got his power, and how he can be defeated.

Near Godly Powerful

The villain must be near impossible to defeat, have many of the same powers as the main protagonist does twofold, and have access to thousands of evil minions who will eagerly do his bidding, most of which aren't a cakewalk.

And those are the three main parts to any Khajmer created villain.
Nice, EeveeKing, nice.

Almost a great villian you've got there. (PS. Check mine out!) =P

You could almost count that as a guide...almost...

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