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Default Re: American Presidential Election 2004

Originally Posted by plasmaball3000
I haven't liked the Bush administration this term. One reason being all the wars and countries that we have gotten involved in that really aren't any of our business. I may have hated the way Saddam Hussein ran Iraq, but is it our place to invade another country and take over?

Also, the military budget is just sucking up money and plunging us into further debt (mind, the US's military is already larger than like the next 22 largest combined).

To be fair, I don't like Kerry much either. I would vote for him over Bush, but I agree, he's mostly just shouting anti-Bush propaganda. I can't even vote anyway.
This is exactly how I feel.
Also, I think the way has run his foreign affairs is just.... The pure arrogance. How he has treated Europe, the EU, and the UN is just to dumb vor words. He certainly hasn't made friends here ^_^;;
I remember, before he was president, everybody wanted to be an American, or at least go live in the US. Nowadays, everybody is kinda anti-America. Except our stupid goverment >:(, they always do everything Bush wants