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Default Re: [WAR] Twisted Mirror [PG]

“Very well,” I replied, “but I do require a down payment if possible. Insurance, you know.”

“And insurance you will have,” the blond said.

She handed me a small bag of money. It was a fairly small lump sum, but I did not expect such a turn of events to allow me to profit anyway, so I was fine with whatever amount of cash I was able to get. However, the job was more difficult, as Saffron city would not be a walk in the park. “Well my loyalty goes to the highest bidder. Name's Arthas,” I reached for the blond's hand.

“Rebecca. And the girl with me is my sister, Heather,” she shook my hand.

“Very well Rebecca. What I do require from you are some information about yourselves, so I know at least what I may be dealing with aside from the regular thugs,” I continued. Although there was no need to ask for any of such information, as mercenaries generally wouldn't need to do so for their job, I was intrigued by the girls. Besides, it was worth a shot at getting to know them better, starting with whether they were gullible enough.

“I suppose there's no escaping that,” Rebecca, the blond sighed. “We're from Saffron City and are the daughters of the famous Fedric Foundation. We came here for some business with the northern point, but we got lost from our bodyguards, along with our tracking devices. We did think for a moment that we were able to handle the situation, but I guess we needed help after all.”

So those two were the famous Fedric twins that those men from the swamp were swooning over. For that, I knew they would sell for high prices if I were to betray them, after I get my share of loving. Then again, I would be the envy and the target of nearly every neighbour in m area, and that wouldn't be a pretty sight. I guess that wouldn't work too well either for the whole idol business if I didn't share the twins, which I would intend to. Personal salvation aside, I was paid, so they would get my loyalty for now.

“Okay, so I would be dealing with swarms of swooning young male suitors trying their hand on your marriage along the way also? That... would be difficult,” I explained.

“No need. We can deal with those,” Heather exclaimed.

So with that short conversation, I would head back to the place that I was set to avoid in the first place. However, as the bodyguard of the twins, it was a simple task in getting around any sort of suspicion from anyone in Cerulean. It was perfect for me anyway, since I would probably need to speak with Gengar about the mission that I had finished a while ago, if he hadn't been informed of this already.

The journey back was as uneventful as ever. I would swear those thugs would be scared of the insane bodyguard by now anyway, and I caught a couple of glimpses of the twins in their most vulnerable times. They, however, did travel very slowly, and I often had to slow down just to keep them in my sights. Aside from that, as I described, uneventful.

The biggest event of the trip was the gate to Cerulean. Apparently ever since their defeat on Mount. Moon, they had to step up security just in case of any raiders such as I would be running around rampant on a city that just lost one of the most important battles in the history of the Final War due to negligence. The men would actually look at citizenship cards or other forms of identification. I, of course, had the resident card from Fuchsia Swamp, which would at least take me off the suspicion list.

The line to enter was fairly long due to the checking process, but when it was our turn, one of the soldiers gave me an eerily nasty look. I leered at him good measure before proudly displaying my resident card. The man let me through, but not without suspicion, as to why an umbrageous man such as I would travel this way, not to mention be escorting the famous twins of the Fedric Foundation. Either way, they did what they must without giving me too much trouble.

Walking in Cerulean, I noticed the casualties of war, as women and children laid weeping for their fallen husband and father. As a mercenary, I should not have had a care for such sentiments, yet I could relate to how they felt, as I was the only survivor. Apparently seeing my agonizing facial expressions, Rebecca asked me, “It's horrifying huh, this war. I guess I wish to see this war end as much as you do.”

I nodded, not out of attempting to deceive the girls, as I would profit more from war, but because I truly wished for pain and suffering to end. However, I did not have the power to do anything. As we walked past the city, I noticed the twins in similar distress. I took this job, so I guess this would be a good time to help them out by being there. As that, I let them grab hold of my arms as they were stuck in my pseudo pockets. Hey, that felt pretty good!

They also took a slight shopping tour to get me some normal clothing. Apparently if were to enter their world, I should at least dress like was from their world. I had reluctance, but the twins' overwhelming and overpowering altruism was too much even for me to bare, so I just got whatever was most comfortable. They paid the bills.

It was not long until we arrived in the greatest city in Kanto, the one city that would remain untouched in the whole of the Final War, Saffron City, city of gold. At the gates to the city (which was common, since wars tend to be on land rather than air), I was about to stop until the girls began to drag me through the customs. It was fine with the customs for a hazy, shady man dressed in the finest, being dragged around by the Fedric twins to enter the city, so there I was, at the beginning of the good times.
End of Chapter 3

And wtf is going on? This chapter is directly after the previous chapter! :O *gets shot for stating the obvious again, renamed as Captain Obvious*

Well have fun with this one. I certainly did have some fun messing with my mind. ;)
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